The City I Live In

English Essay on "The City I Live In"

Karachi is large city in Pakistan and life in Karachi is what we understand by life in a big city. It is the city of our beloved Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah. He was born and buried this city Karachi is in fact a city of problems people face great problems at every time. Shortage of transports, scarcity of water, inadequate supply of electricity and housing insufficiency are the main and serious problem of the Karachities. It is very unfortunate that even after flfty-seven years of out independence. We have not been able to overcome any of the aforementioned problems. About that we don’t get fresh vegetables and pure eatables, which has a very bed effect on our lives.

When I was child of six or seven, the city of Karachi then was really for peaceful. Clean and less crowded

Then it is now. It has been expended all around the proper city; we saw suburban localities sprouting without an end. Fashionable plazas and squares can be seen everywhere. Where were we go in Karachi we find huge crowds in market places, bus or mini bus stops and coach stands are always seen over crowded. Even in parks or the sea —shore we meet large crowds of people.

Beggar Problems

English Essay on "Beggar Problems"

Every to here in Pakistan, either in big cities or small towns, on roads or in the streets, we can find a large number of beggars. However, in Karachi, the number of street beggars and road —side beggars has reached the climax.

People work hard and make efforts to overcome their needs but there is also another category dwelling in the same society, which does not have any will to work and without making any efforts, and endeavour they desire to earn their living. Begging has become a regular occupation. There are masterminds who run regular begging organizations and they earn so much that not only income tax and wealth tax can be levid upon them but even highest rate of surcharge can also be imposed upon them. Some beggars have built upon independent colonies in Karachi in Karachi abadies. They send their team aged and even groom up daughters with printed beggaring cards in all the city buses and local trains to bag.

The Book I Like the Most

English Essay on "The Book I Like the Most"

My never failing friends are they, With whom I converse day by day

Books are indeed the friends of the friendless. Books are the best and politest friends. Books are thee real teachers of men. These provide knowledge, awareness and the manners of a civilized life. Good books always provide knowledge as well as it improves the intellect of persons. These enhance the potential qualities in men, students as well as women.

The book that I like most is our religious book, The Holy Quran. It is the most sacred book of the Muslims. It tells us what was the condition of Arabs before Islam and how the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) made them to lead a simple and good life. The Holy Quran, which has been bestowed upon human beings from the Almighty Allah, is for our guidance. The Holy Quran educates us virtuous mode of living and provides the solutions of each and every problems, which may arise in our practical life. It teaches us wisdom and knowledge. Its daily recitation provides spiritual contentment. It gives completes code of life and educates us.

A Visit to a Historical Place

English Essay on "A Visit to a Historical Place"

It is great experience to Visit a place of historical interest and to look and wonder at the monuments of the past. Few days ago my friends and I, Irfan and tehmasip arranged a programmed to visit the historical place. Moen-jo-Daro. Moen-jo-daro is at a distance of seventeen kilometers from larkana on the right bank of the river Indus. Moen-jo-daro means “Mound of the Dead”. It was discovered in 1942, by Sir John Marshall. The civilization, which flourished some five hundred years ago. Moen-jo-daro is the one of the oldest cities in the world.

We had made the programme in proper way. On Sunday, after arranging the lunch, and other items of enjoyment, we started our journey in our own conveyance. It took about three hours to reach there. We three were quite happy and the journey was quiet joyous

Public Libraries

English Essay on "Public Libraries"

Library is a place where all types of book, in large numbers, are collected and kept for reading and reference purposes. Books are great storehouse of wisdom and knowledge. They give food for the mind. Just as food good food is necessary for the mind so the mind requires “food” too and that we get from’ books. Libraries therefore are as necessary as eating.

Our college library is housed in a big hail of college building. It is the best place for study and concentration of mind. The environment of a library is very quite and peaceful. Our library contains three big rooms. One room is the Library Room. The other one is for the purpose of study, which is the biggest one, and the third room is used for newspapers, weeklies, periodicals and magazines. There are countless books arranged sections wise in different shelves.

Drug Addiction

English Essay on "Drug Addiction"

Drug is a substance used to poison or stupefy” Drug addiction is a kind of self-pollution; the common drugs used by the addicts are heroine, hashih cocaine and marijuana. Heroine is the worst killer. A drug-addicted person can’t follow virtuous pattern of life. This habit deviates him from the correct route. Drug addiction is the worst habit. Addiction of drugs wipes out their spiritual values and as such they are soulless. A pall cover their soul and they can’t keep themselves fit in the social sphere.

Drug mafia has become world wide evil. It has ruined thousands of families. Use of drugs calls in beast in man. it gives us a picture of suffering men, women, hungry children, ‘broken homes and disappointed parents. The use of drugs makes a person drowsy and detached emotionally and completely free from any anxiety. Its injection into the veins produces immediate effort of “rush” or “high”. It produces psychological and physical dependence on doses in larger and larger quantities and it becomes much expensive where as the addict becomes unfit to continue the job and becomes nearly crippled and good for nothing.

Science and Human Happiness

English Essay on "Science and Human Happiness"

All around us we see hundreds of things, which are the noble and valuable gifts of science. Science and technology has made valuable contribution to the enhancement of human efforts. Man has utilized his intellectual capability and by the grace of Almighty Allah, lie has achieved glittering success in all the faculties of life.

Our telephones, radio, aero planes, rockets, our electric cookers, our engines, motors and umpteen other things we use everyday. They all arc given to us by science. These are the blessings of science. However, this happiness is not unmixed with sorrow. Science has also given us terrible weapons of destruction.When we consider that science has given us Atom Bombs and Hydrogen Bombs, which can wipe out the entire nation iii no time, we begin to wonder whether science is going to prove to be a curse rather than a blessing. However, let us ask our selves if it is really the fault of science or scientists that these fearful weapons of war made. The scientists invented the aeroplane, which serves as the wings of man. However, the political used the airplane as a bomber to destroy thousands of people. Whose fault is it? Certainly, not of the scientists, science is not the enemy of mankind but its benefactor. It is the misuse of science, which has made it so fearful.

Technical Education

English Essay on "Technical Education"

Technical Education means to do something in industrial or mechanical arts and become skillful or skilled person in particular science, art or any thing else in order to make use of technicalities. At the time of creation of Pakistan, there was only a diploma level teaching at various polytechnic institutes. But not the technical education is spreading far and wide. Out universities are sending out hundreds of young men and women every year with a high degree of education. Technical subjects such as Electrical technology, Plastic and Rubber technology are being introduced in technical colleges. Government is also taking keen interesting providing technical education to maximum of students in view of the scientific and technological advancement of modern times. If technical education is to be treated as a general education, the men or the women, may be better qualified for earning bread and butter in the world. In the past, technical education was not taken as an important subject. This is the main cause of slow progress. A country will remain poor ‘until a large number of its citizens are educated and skilled. For this purpose, technical education should be provided at large scale in our colleges and schools so that these will appreciate, the dignity of labour. Literacy education alone, sometimes, creates false ideas of self-respect and discourages manual work on the part of educated people. If together with literacy education, training is given on technical lines also, a student will be a better equipped, for life, besides being educated.

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