Prevention is better than Cure

English Essay on "Prevention is better than Cure"

It is always better to look after one’s health and avoid illness than to fall in and take treatment for it afterwards. Similarly it is better to look after one’s money and not to waste it than to become poor and be in need of money. So we say the prevention is better than cure.

In every walk of life we see that this proverb holds good. When there is an epidemic it is always advisable to take precautions against it so that we may not catch it. It would be foolish to neglect laws of hygiene and invite illness, fall ill and then to take medicines to cure ourselves. It is equally true that prevention is better then cure in respect of bad habits, like gambling, drinking and smoking. It is easy to form any habit but hard to give it up, once it is formed. A person starts drinking and smoking heavily and then falls ill. He is advised to give it up for the sake of his health. He may succeed in giving it up but he has ruined his health already. It would be better not to fall in that habit at all.

Health is Wealth

English Essay on "Health is Wealth"

It is a famous saying,” If Wealth is lost nothing is lost, If health is lost, something is lost, but if character is lost then every thing is lost”. Those are really unfortunate people who give the highest importance to wealth only instead of health or character. Health and character are totally neglected.

This saying is hundred percent correct that Health is Wealth but wealth does not only mean money. It means something very useful and precious. People collect wealth but health is more important then wealth.

Let us suppose the example of q man who is very wealthy. He has a plenty of money, all the comforts of the world, a grand house, fine clothes, best of food, but he has no health. I-Ic is ill, suffering from some disease. Will he be happy? He would not be able to enjoy the good things of life he has got because he is not healthy. On the other hand, let us consider a poor man who does not possess all these comforts of life, still he posses a good health, he will certainly, be happy.

He is free from all types of pains, sufferings and diseases. That is his great happiness. One is unhappy inspite of his wealth, while the other is happy although he has no wealth. That is why we say that health is wealth.


English Essay on "Democracy"

There was a time when King and Maharajas were absolute rulers and their words were law. Those days are gone now. Now there are no such kings, treating people like dumb driven cattle! Even if we do have kings now, they are not all powerful. They have their parliaments and they must consult their parliaments. These parliaments consist of the representatives, elected by the people. This is called democracy. As it is usually described, for the people and by the people.

It is clear that in Democracy people elect their representative. Now in elections all sorts of people may stand as candidates. If people are ignorant they will not be able to make the right use of their votes. The result would be that the power of government would fall into hands of the wrong type of people. They would misuse their power and lead the country in ruin. Education therefore is a necessary condition for the success of democracy. Democracy means the rule of the majority and if the majority of the population of the country is poor, ignorant and uninterested in matters of government, one cannot expect democracy.

True Sportsman Ship

English Essay on "True Sportsman Ship"

For a sportsman it is not enough that he should be a great player at any particular game. It is also necessary to have a true sportsman’s ship, and a true sportsman’s spirit consist in playing the game fairly and honestly, obeying the rules of the game and taking defeat with a smile.

A true sportsman plays the game for the game’s sake. Winning or losing a game means nothing to him, it is only the effort behind the game that counts for him. A true sportsman plays, not for his personal glory, but for the sake of the team .He makes his best effort to bring victory for his team and defeat the opponents. He tries to win but he will never try to coin by using unfair means. I his is the true spirit of sportsman.

Dignity of Labour

English Essay on "Dignity of Labour"

There are many people who are ashamed of doing their own work. For instance, if a man has to carry even a small handbag he would require a coolie at the railway station. These people feel that below there dignity to carry any such thing. There is no shame in doing your own work and no kind of labour is tin-dignified. As a matter of matter of fact, labor has a dignity of its own.

In all advanced countries, people are proud of doing their own work. In fact, it is a hobby of many people to do some labour for themselves. For instance, a man who is a poet or writer or some officer who has only to do brain work, may willingly do some labour in his own house. He may do his own gardening, digging, pruning, and cutting grass and so on. He may paint his own house, repair articles of furniture in his house and do number of other things for himself. He will do this, not because he is poor, not because he cannot afford to get the services of gardener or a carpenter but because he likes to do the things for himself.

The Value of Prayer

English Essay on "The Value of Prayer"

“Moe things are wrought by prayers than this world dream of”

These are the famous words of a famous English poet Lord Tennyson. Indeed it is found many times that when all human resources fail, prayers help us.

Let us suppose a man is in great trouble, he starts praying. Now, his prayers may not make the troubles vanish into the air as if by magic but he will certainly get extra strength to fight these difficulties and he will probably come out successful. The moral strength, which he gained from the prayers, is the great blessing of prayers.

Pakistan 2010 Planning & Objective

English Essay on "Pakistan 2010 Planning & Objective"

Different governments make different plans. Earlier the government Introduced five years plan but on its contrary the present government has introduced a very long term plan programme. The programme may take Pakistan towards progress. If this plan is put into practice sincerely and honestly, one is bound to make progress.

Short term plans are not that useful as long term plans ones. There are many uses of long term plan. In this way, the government gets sufficient time to complete its projects and put the country on track of prosperity.

Progress and development is the result of a long term plan. A big job cannot be done in a short time. Everything takes time. 2010 is a long term plan. It will help the government to promote industry and agriculture. Government is also paying special attention to education. Literacy rate can also be improved under the same plan.

Importance of Roads

English Essay on "Importance of Roads"

Roads are very important in man’s life because without roads we cannot go from one place to another place. We move on roads. We can go through roads wherever we wish; If there were no roads, life would become paralysed and we cannot go from one place to another, that is why roads are so important in man’s life.

No country can make progress without better roads. The countries which have goods roads, make progress in a short time. Roads must be metalled?

There is no doubt roads are the backbone in the development (progress) of a country. It will not be wrong to say that-economy of a country also moves on the roads. Better roads in the country means better economy of a country. Better economy of a country means better standard of living of its masses. The result is development. It means the development of the roads is the inducement (development) of the country.

We transport by roads. In our daily life, we see that buses are going from one place to another by roads. Roads are the source for the connection of one city to another city. If we wish to move to another place, we set out by roads.

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