A Summer Resort In Pakistan

English Essay on "A Summer Resort In Pakistan"

Pakistan has a variety of climates. Pakistan is the most beautiful land. It represents very pleasant scenery everywhere. It is a land full of woods and forests rivers, streams and brooklets and meadows, pastures and gardens. Summer season In "-Pakistan is intense and highly troublesome. The people who have leisure have to run to some summer resort to get some relief from the scorching sun.

Murree is the most favorable summer resort in Pakistan. It is situated at a distance of about forty miles from Rawalpindi and about thirty two miles from Islamabad. Its height is nearly seven thousand feet. The easiest approach to Murree is through Rawalpindi. Buses ply frequently between Rawalpindi and Murree. The bus can carry you after every thirty minutes from dawn till sunset. From Murree you can go to other summer resorts on the way to Azad Kashmir and Nathiagali. The road to Nathiagali is especially very beautiful. If you have your own car it is only two hours' enjoyable drive from Rawalpindi.

Murree is a hill station where you can have all the pleasures of a mountain scenery. There is ho broad plain as such and so you have houses built up and down the hills, valleys and gullies. Winding paths and roads lead to these houses which present a good-looking sight. If you look from above you see the pyramidal roofs of the houses made of corrugated sheets. From a distance the town presents an amazing scene of toy-like huts and bungalows and the people moving up and down looking like dwarfs.

Natural scenery, in and around Murree, is unparalleled. One views with the mixed feelings of surprise and ecstasy the scenic beauty of the hills the waterfalls, the springs and the rivulets the trees, the flower plants, the, grass and the bushes the birds with their musical notes the rains and clouds the misty weather the variegated rocks, the mossy stones and boulders the peaks, the gorges, the passes and the valleys the fruit gardens, orchards and grassy plots, the bowers, the groves and other shady or sunny recesses the hamlets with the strips of cultivation around them and the zigzag paths leading to the huts and houses scattered all over, These are the blissful aspects of Murree where people run from the sultry of Pakistan and find a lot of relief, peace and quietude. They forget their worries and other huge problems of daily life.(9essay.com) This atmosphere-full of romance and tranquility, invites the worldly wise People in the words of Shakespeare.

"Under the greenwood tree,
Who loves to lie with me.
And turn his merry note,
Unto the sweet bird's throat,
Come hither, come hither, and come hither."

As regards the town of Murree it is a masterpiece of engineering and construction. The enjoyable and most frequented Mall Road .the hotels and restaurants the big shopping center, the fountain and the waterfall near the post office. the Pindi and the Kashmir points and other villas about the town are all extremely pleasurable. The beauty of nature and the man-made buildings are interwoven with a large variety of social and cultural activities festivals clubs, balls, operas and cinema halls and schools, colleges and seats of other social activities. If one goes to Murree one is compelled to sing in consonance with Keats that.

"A thing of beauty is a joy forever."

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