The Problem of Corruption In Pakistan

English Essay on "The Problem of Corruption In Pakistan"

By the word corruption we mean that any act done by unfair means. Corruption may also be defined as illegal bribe which is received for doing some work for some body. In the society of man, where everything or any action is done in an unfair manner, corruption becomes a curse. It is such a practice that it eats up the fabric of the society.

Corruption in its wider sense has always been there at all times. There has only been a difference of degree. In monarchies the king's favour is necessary to get things done. Now-a-days, it has been observed that if the head of the department is not fair the whole department is involved in corrupt practices. It is said power corrupts man. Whenever a man has power to do something which the other men need, the doer takes some benefit out of it. As long as this benefit is sanctioned by social laws and moral codes, it is all right. Beyond that it becomes corruption. Corruption also flourishes through flattery.

In Pakistan today, the position is very bad. The devil of corruption is reigning every field of national activity. The unfair practice is so rampant that a common man feels frustrated. In his disgust he exclaims that corruption is a Curse. It has stolen our peace of mind.

The condition of government offices is very deplorable. Police, railways and transport are the departments, which are supposed to be the servants of the people. But you can not expect a slight action in any of these departments without spending illegal money. An honest man cannot even get a seat in a railway train without having to offer a bribe. It is said that the paper moves only when some silver weight is put on it. There are many such departments where corruption has become a norm of their life. It has gone deep down in their flesh. They cannot think without unfair money. It is no more unfair. It has become their right.

It is clear that unless the trend is checked, the country cannot make any progress. It cannot achieve the goal of prosperity and self-reliance.

It is high time that the Government should rise to the occasion and take a bold step to discard and uproot its forces, before it becomes too late for us. This is a great challenge to all members of a good society. The long-term solution of this problem lies in the building of a sound national character. For this purpose we should change the entire system of education. We should make our education ethical, moral and patriotic. Besides this we shall have to make use of all means of propaganda viz., the press, publications, the radio and the television to achieve this goal. We shall have to create an atmosphere where honesty is appreciated and rewarded. These are some of the steps which can effectively root out this evil.

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