The United Nations

English Essay on "The United Nations"

Modern world is tending to unite. Science has increased immeasurably the power and speed. This progress has brought about a change in the technique and strategy of war and has made it immensely horrible. Vast amount of death and destruction caused about by only two A-Bombs can bear witness to this fact. Man is sensitive by nature and he can, therefore, judge things by gift of his foresight. Long before the invention of the A-Bomb the League of Nations was instituted to provide avenues to the nations to solve their differences and problems by peaceful means and negotiations. When, due to certain reasons, the League of Nations failed, the World War started afresh and the entire world was ablaze once again.

At the end of the second World War the exhausted nations felt once again the need of some international organization to avoid any other devastating conflict. Then UNO was formed. Rapid means of transport and other changes brought about by science and scientific outlook have enable man to feel and to feel rightly that peace and prosperity of man is indivisible and that all 'the human beings are equal like the members of one family. The slogan of the French Revolution mirrors, in fact, the universal human mind and spirit and ensures 'Equality, Fraternity and Liberty' for the entire mankind irrespective of the man-made distinctions of caste, creed and color. It is the function of some world body to see that all the human beings get their due rights in their individual social or national capacity. To fulfill this purpose a world organization commonly known as UNO was formed.

UNO (United Nations Organization),or the UN (United Nations) for short-was instituted at the end of the second World War with their headquarters at New York in the United College Essays and Letters. ELI States of America the member countries of UN meet to solve their problems of peace. UN deals with those problems of various countries which might lead to war. So the major aim of UN is to prevent war and lead the entire mankind to eternal peace and prosperity.

In order to maintain peace the problems are solved by mutual discussions, talks and negotiations in the General Assembly which is the main body of UN. This General Assembly is open to all the member countries. This is the central and chief organ of UN where every country is represented having one vote.(9essay.com) This organ may consider any question relating to peace or any other problem of the world.

If, unfortunately, the situation in the world grows tense then there is a high powered body to consider the emergency seriously. The body is known as the Security Council. The Security Council comprises of fifteen members five out of which 'are permanent and other ten are elected by the General Assembly for two-year terms, five each year. Very important matters are considered by the Security Council in which each of the permanent members has a right of veto. This means that every important decision has to be supported by every one of the five permanent members. If any of these five says 'No' to any matter, it is dropped. It may be taken up again if the situation arises.

The chief officer of UN is called the Secretary General who is appointed by the General Assembly with the approval of the Security Council for a term of five years. He has very important responsibilities in the field of international politics.

Besides maintaining peace UN has another significant function to perform that is, to bring human prosperity by fighting against poverty, illiteracy, disease and social injustice. It is the duty of UN to ensure fundamental rights to every human being on the face of this earth. For this purpose there are various specialized agencies of UN which perform their function in their respective fields. There is, for example, the World Health Organization (WHO), which helps the member nations control diseases and advises them on the affairs of health. Then there is International Bank which lends money to the member countries to enable them to carry out their important development projects. Similarly there is the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) to solve the problem of hunger and famine and to help the countries in the matters relating to agriculture, forestry and fishing. In order to promote the idea of Human well-being, tolerance and broadmindedness there is the UNESCO. This organization is to advance education, science and culture. This is to develop the outlook of the people and enable them to live in the modern world.

There are various instances when the world was at the brink of war but the danger was averted due to the efforts of the UN. But there are certain instances when some of the countries acted impertinently in total disregard for the charter and the resolutions of the UN. The problem of the Jammu and Kashmir is self-evident. In spite of the resolution of UN, India is undesirably stubborn and is denying the people of Jammu and Kashmir their right of self determination. This is contrary to her international commitments. This and other such examples are likely to create discontentment among the member nations. The recent example is that of Indonesia which was a member nation but now has quitted UN because the latter failed to deal with her problems. This quintal should be taken as a warning and it is high time for UN to handle the critical problems of the world carefully failing which UN shall have to meet the similar fate as that of the League of Nations.

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