The Importance of Game

English Essay on "The Importance Of Game"

It is a topic on which. you can write from your own experience of games. Most of us are interested in one game or another. We find the Cricket Test Matches played in one country or the other all the year round. Then there are Olympic Games at the International level. The following hints can guide the students.

  1. Games and their significance-play is the most pleasurable activity right from childhood to old age.
  2. The importance of games-their value in the physical sense.
  3. The moral side of games.
  4. Conclusion-Sportsmanship and team spirit-How can we make the best of games?

Games are very important in human life. At the earliest age the most delightful activity for the child is play. When a child is admitted to a school play-way methods are adopted to teach him. Wordsworth believes that the child who is busy in his game is really haunted by the visionary gleams of remembered heaven. The play is an enjoyable activity in all the stages of man's life. The children, the boys, the young men and even old men equally share the rapture of the games.

At the face of it the sport is a physical activity. There' are light games and heavy, games in-door games and outdoor games of different types for people of different age groups games in accordance with the climate or other geographical factors of a place and so on. Most of the games are played for physical exercise. They break the monotony of life and create interest, enthusiasm and thrill in our life. When we play, the blood circulates and our physical or mental exhaustion and boredom is removed. Circulation of blood, exhalation of a large quantity of carbon dioxide, inhalation of oxygen of equal quantity and perspiration bring us more lore vigor and energy and infuse new blood in our veins. We feel refreshed and are ready to do the strenuous dues of our daily life once again.(9essay.com) The games increase our stamina and our power of resistance against the attack of disease.

There is a sensation and delight not only in playing the games but also in witnessing them. We can see the spectators absorbed in the matches. The people can enjoy the games and forget the worries of their life. The beginners can learn the art of games when they survey the performance of the professionals. Games are played at the national and international standard and such games attract a very large number of on-lookers. Stadiums are filled to their capacity in the Test Matches or the Olympic Games.

It will not be out of place to say that the games have moral quality too. The players voluntarily submit to the rules of the game. This voluntary submission teaches them many things. The mind of the player is disciplined he learns how to co-operate and to work with a team-spirit. 'Sportsmanship' is a phrase which implies the noble qualities of self-control, obedience to the captain and the umpire, generosity and broad-mindedness.

We should always keep in mind the real idea of sportsmanship and team-spirit. We should play the games to uplift the moral qualities which the games are expected to engender. The game played simply for the sake of 'Victory is a negation of its true spirit. It will be a selfish and narrow outlook. We should not show irritation at our defeat nor should we display childish joy at our victory. We should encourage others when we defeat them and should not feel discouraged at our own defeat. This outlook, if adopted, in its true spirit will be very helpful in our practical life. It will enable us to face the failures and difficulties of life valiantly. Submission to the rule of game will make us law-abiding citizens and enable us to show co-operation, unity and self-restraint in your social life.

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