The Role of Television

English Essay on "The Role of Television"

A developing country is always confronted with some urgent problems which she must Endeavour to solve first. These problems are grave, no doubt, but with wise steps can be handled gracefully. The most important of these problems are the need for mass education, the necessity of imparting technical education, the requirement of developing the sense of national integrity, the urgency of capital information and such other similar urgencies But the tools available to a developing country, with the help of which she can manipulate these problems are a few in number and these too are subject to many limitations.

Ore of the tools, that enables a developing country to tackle some of these problems, is the use of the television. The television enjoys this importance due to its three characteristics. Firstly it is a medium for mass approach and is stronger and more popular than news papers. Secondly people can be influenced both directly and indirectly with purposive programmers interesting enough as to catch their attention. Thirdly the television leaves a lingering and deep impression on people.

A developing country needs boosting up her literacy programmed so that her people can read and write. Truly, this end can be achieved by opening more schools and colleges but this needs ample funds which a developing country is short of. To bridge over this stringency the television may be used. Programmers for educating the illiterate persons may be chalked out and telecast successfully.

The Television may also help in producing technical hands, crafts men and skilled labour. The television authorities may chalk out programmers to train people to make good technicians and engineers. This is n speculation. In advanced countries technical institution and universities take the help of the television in imparting technical education and then arrange for practical experience.

One of the most burning problems of a developing country is the need of capital formation. Capital formation may result when the public is persuaded to lead a simple life, discard extravagancy, save money and invest. The television can go far to make public savings minded and can induce them to invest rather than to bury their savings. The television may also be used to make public aware of the different profitable investment schemes offered by the government.

One of the most prominent features of a developing country is lack of sense of national integrity, national obligations and social responsibility.(9essay.com) These defends creep in due to non existence of national tradition, lack of education, limited menial horizon and narrow angle of view. The television can take an active part in changing public views, behavior aid attitude. It can create patriotism sense of social and national responsibilities national pride and national tradition.

The tendency to follow the way of living and the custom prevailing in advanced countries like America is present in nearly all the developing countries. They also prefer to buy foreign made goods and articles. Such tendency retards the industrial development of their own countries and erodes their culture and traditions. We ray, for instance, take the case of Pakistan.

A Pakistani takes pride in using English words in daily conversation, putting on foreign dress, and imitating the obscene American pop dance not considering how awkward and ridiculous he appears. He is proud of adopting the dirty American way of life and will prefer to buy goods made in America, Britain, France, Italy or Japan etc. To him anything made in Pakistan is inferior to that manufactured in a foreign country. He is ready to buy, at a very high price, goods made in Pakistan but bearings Made in Japan or Made in U.S.A stamp.

Such a tendency hinders the progress of a developing country. The television can well be used to discourage such a tendency and to create a sense of national pride. It can influence people to prefer goods and industrial products of their own country so that their country may develop industrially and their national income and standard of living are raised.

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