My School Magazine

English Essay on "My School Magazine"

A school magazine differs from other magazines in many ways. It has articles written by students and teachers only. It deals with only those topics in which students are interested like simple stories, historical events, bio graphical accounts of some famous scientists, poets, writers or leaders, poems composed by the students and similar other articles. It also contains news of the school, merit list, achievements of the school in games and sports and other such things.

My school magazine is run by a board of editors. A teacher nominated by the Head Master works as editor and surprises the magazine work. Two boys, who have secured first and second position in the annual examination, are taken from each class from seventh, to tenth. They are designated as sub-editors. These sub-editors receive the articles and poems from the students and present them to the editor. The editor decides which of the articles, and poems, are to be included in the magazine. He goes through each article and makes necessary corrections where necessary. The news about sports come from the game superintendent.

The school magazine has some advantages of its own. Firstly it creates interest in the students to write for the magazine. They try to write and in be long run they become good writer’s journalist or poets. For writing for the magazine, they have to collect materials and for collecting materials they have to read and consult books and magazines. This creates the tendency of reading and searching in the students. It also enables them to decide what materials would be suitable for their articles.

Apart from their names, the school magazine contains the picture of the students who have secured first and second position in their annual examinations and have won prizes or medals for their academic performance.(9essay.com) It also contains pictures of monitors, prefects, class representatives and members of the hockey, the football aid the cricket’s teams. Pictures of those students also appear in the magazine who secure position in track and field events during the annual sports week of the school. So, students, how are desirous of seeing their pictures or names in the school magazine, try their utmost to secure position. This creates a competitive spirit in the boys and a will to work harder and harder.

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