Beggar Problems

English Essay on "Beggar Problems"

Every to here in Pakistan, either in big cities or small towns, on roads or in the streets, we can find a large number of beggars. However, in Karachi, the number of street beggars and road —side beggars has reached the climax.

People work hard and make efforts to overcome their needs but there is also another category dwelling in the same society, which does not have any will to work and without making any efforts, and endeavour they desire to earn their living. Begging has become a regular occupation. There are masterminds who run regular begging organizations and they earn so much that not only income tax and wealth tax can be levid upon them but even highest rate of surcharge can also be imposed upon them. Some beggars have built upon independent colonies in Karachi in Karachi abadies. They send their team aged and even groom up daughters with printed beggaring cards in all the city buses and local trains to bag.

The professional beggars know how to win the sympathy of the people. They sometimes pretend to be ill and are unable to do labour of any kind. Some times they declare that they have lost every thing in the flood. Some beggars are being carried in small carriages, from one street to the other and from one toad to the other and beg for charity to help the disabled people whom are carried by others lot of such healthy beggars can be seen in fronts of, mosques and shrines and ever in big markets like empress market Bolton markets Memon Masjid and large number of tombs and shrines in Karachi city.

Beggary has become a curse all the members of the beggar families keep them selves involve in the profession and they feel proud of doing it many of the beggars are criminals. They kidnap small children and make them beggars then they start begging for them. Sometimes they break into the house at night. In short these beggars are nuisance to society. They are cheats and deserve no pity at all. Beggary is a social evil and it should be put to end. Government should take strict measure to prevent such act of curse.

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