A Brave Deed Witnessed

English Essay on "A Brave Deed Witnessed"

Sometimes we see men and women placing their own lives in danger to help others. I witnessed just such an incident the other day. A man who was a perfect stranger, rescued a little girl from a burning house.

A house had caught fire yesterday. Almost all the people who were living in the house had either comedown themselves or had been brought down by the firemen. A lady was among those who had been rescued. She was crying because her little daughter was left in the burning house. So she was trapped in one of the liner rooms and the door of the room had already caught fire.

The poor mother was hysterical. She was mumbling and being people to save her daughter. A young man came forward to the burning house. People tried to hold him back because it was suicide to go in. however, within a few seconds the young man had wrapped a wet blanket around him and climbed up a ladder. Her entered the only one window, which had so far escaped the flames. He jumped in people below were breathlessly watching. All eyes were fixed on the same window.

Suddenly the young man appeared on the window with the little girl in his arms. A cry of joy went up from the crowd at his sight. People below held up held up and our stretched sheet of cloth and the men let fall the girl into it. Next he threw him self down from the window and he was likewise caught up by the people. Both of them were alive but they were both body hurt and had to be rushed to hospital. The man had rescued the little girl at the risk of his own life.

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