A Day of Scrapes

English Essay on "A Day of Scrapes"

There are days when we feel that everything is going wrong most unexpected little accidents crop up and your plans are up set. You get into all sorts of scrapes.

I am going to describe just such a day of scrapes I had recently. Things started going wrong as soon as the day began for me. I found that the new tube of toothpaste I had brought the previous day had become so hardened that no toothpaste would come out of it in spite of my entire pressing. This was the beginning of my troubles.

Next I picked up my morning up of tea and before I could raise it to my tips, it dropped on the ground and was smashed to bits. I look up another cup and was just going to raise it when two files came. I do not know from where and down they fell into my cup of tea. No I could not have even that cup. I started getting ready for my college. I fumbled through the shelves of my cupboard and to my utter disappointment found that the washerman had not bought the clothes. I kept on searching for a shirt. Yes, here is the last one. I found it joyously. I tried to put it on but there was a big rent running through the front. I looked at the clock. It was too late till my shirt was mended. I dashed for the bus stops. If I got the bus atonce I would still be in time for college. However, when I was only a few yards away from the bus, I saw it was majestically turning the corner. It was no use running for it. I had nothing to do but to wait for the next.

I reached college late by good half on hour, got punishment and then settled in the classroom. Thinking that my troubles were now over. But were they? I had brought all the books. I would have required if it had been Thursday but unfortunately it was Tuesday. Don’t ask what happened to me? That day in college, I hardly know myself. By the time I reached home my head was in while. I-lot, dusty, tired and hungry. Thus ended my day of scrapes.

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