College Magazine

English Essay on "College Magazine"

Colleges have many extra activities like debates, Dramatics, Education contests and so on. Among these extra curricular activities the publication of college magazine is an important one.

College magazines are very useful they give a chance to the young students to express their talents. In order to write for college magazine, the boys and girls have to read up extra books and articles and gather material. Thus they have to learn to express themselves on paper, their teachers guide them and help them. The hidden capabilities of many young boys and girls are brought out and developed when the young scholars see their writings in print they naturally feel a just able pride and joy.

College magazines also an account of the activities of the college through out the year. They publish the names as well as photographs of their prize winners and this gives great encouragement to the students to do their best in classes and in sport. The parents and friends of the students, thus get a clear idea of the progress of the school/college by going through the magazines.

College magazines also give the students practical training. The work of collecting activities, arranging them, seeing them through the press and such other things are done by the students under the directions of their teachers. This gives valuable practical training to the students.

Thus school/college magazines are of immense value to the students.

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