English Essay on "Computers"

The present age is the age of science and technology. There are so many modern inventions around us. Computer is also one of them. In fact it is a marvelous, splendid and wonderful invention of the 20th Century. Its technology is the most modern technology. It is like a mechanical brain.

It was first introduced for defence purpose in America. It works with accuracy and speed in all fields specially of science, education, commerce, politics, news media, medicine and management. It is an electronic data processing machine. The data is input in a prescribed form, which is processed by it and in the form of output offers the results on screen, of T.V. type. It works like a human brain forth the result with a great speed normally impossible by human brain. The invention of this type of machines, which have an artificial intelligence and can think themselves, is a wonderful chapter of history.

It is obviously true that computer solves numerable problems of man. It provides guiding principles and gives deep awareness of any subject matter but the control of this brilliant technology is in the hand of man. Its operations are logical and it offers answers strictly in accordance with the instructions of the programme set for it. In fact it has a very superior ability of memory for a very long period if it is preserved properly, it does commit errors unless a human being or the operator wrongly feeds it.

Computers are of three types namely (a) Digital (2) Analog (3) Hybrid. The digital is the most commonly used computer. It operates as directed with out any delay and with cent-per-cent-accuracy. Analog computer is a sophisticated type, which accepts the insult data spread over a long spell of time of series of items each with a unique value. The hybrid type computer is rather the possessor of the characteristics of both the digital and the analog computers. Since 1950, computers are being used in Pakistan also and government offices, bank business organizations, and educational and training institutions largely use them. Computers have made great advances. We are now living in the fourth generation of computers. The super computers have connected the different parts of the world.

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