Some Superstitions

English Essay on "Some Superstitions"

There are hundreds and thousands people in the world. It is quite interesting as well as amusing to study them. What is considered unlucky by some people is considered lucky by others. For instance, If a cat crosses our path, we in the East, usually consider it is a bad omen, but people in Europe take it as good omen if a black cat crosses their path.

Superstitions are common among all kinds and classes of people. Undereducated and backward classes of people have more superstitions but even educated and advanced people very often believe in different kinds of superstitions. A black cat, a horse shoe or the finding of a pin is considered very lucky in Europe while the howling of dogs is considered unlucky both in the East as well as West. Number thirteen, the breaking of a mirror, falling of a picture, hooting of an owl etc are associated with ill luck among various classes of people.

Some people have their own special superstitions. Sneezing once when you are going out for some work is considered unlucky. An upturned shoe lying in the house would bring about a quarrel, says another common superstitions. These are superstitions held by people in general but individuals have their own special superstitions. A man thinks that if lie wears a particular coat he will be lucky that day or a student feels that if he or she uses a particular fountain pen he or she will do well in the examination. You cannot convince a superstitions person that he is wrong. He will never believe you.

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