Students and Politics

English Essay on "Students and Politics"

Students and politics are two different things the foremost duty of students is to gain knowledge and awareness from politics. Every student should take profound interest in his education. Student age is the period of perception and assimilation of knowledge.

At the very beginning of education, every student is less aware of politics and social issues. He should not waste his precious time in absurd activities. Though politics and students are different from one other yet education are politics and inter-related and cannot be separated.

Students should take part in politics after achieving their high level professional education. At the level of graduation. They are able to understand the pros and cons of political matters. Politics is not an easy subject to understand. It needs sound knowledge of social surrounding.

Students should avoid favourism and should proceed in eight directions with true determination. After the completion of their studies. They nave to start their career in a social and political sphere. Practice in politics requires a vast knowledge of the past events and a visionary approach about the future prospects. It requires selfless devotion.

Negative type of politics must be avoided. They should perform their positive role on firm greens. Students must share with politics following real moral values of sincerity and honesty. 1 heir contribution to politics would enhance brotherhood, and loving attitude in the society and moral culture values.

The students should take part iii politics paralleled to their education but follow fair means. They should not deviate from their real task, which is the achievement of knowledge, and for this purpose they should burn the candle at both ends. At the higher level of education they can take part in politics.

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