The Influence of Books

English Essay on "The Influence of Books"

Robert Southey, the famous English poet, wrote of books. “My never-failing friends are they with whom I converse day by day.”

Books are indeed the friend of the friendless, joy to the joyless, and help to the helpless with a book, a sick man can forget for a while his sufferings; and a lonely person can enjoy the company of books as his friends. Books are the best friends. They give you additional pleasure in your happiness and relieve your suffering in your unhappiness.

Books are like treasure houses. To open a book is to open the doors of treasure house. A person who has a library of books is really a wealthy person. Reading of good books has very powerful influence on a man or a woman’s entire personality.

There are many instances in history where the reading of a single book has changed the whole course of life of an individual. A person read a certain book, was affected deeply by the thoughts expressed by the writer, and he decided to change his entire mode of life. Sometimes such a person becomes world famous. He might become a great writer himself, a famous political figure, a social reformer or even a saint.

All these things are possible and have happened again and again and all due to the influence of the books.

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