Our Education Problems

English Essay on "Our Education Problems"

Education system in Pakistan is very old. It has not changed yet. The same system is still followed which was formulated by the educationists at the time of establishment of Pakistan. Our education is not exactly based on pure Islamic principles. It does not coincide with real Islamic civilization. This is the main cause of our social decline. The pattern of education must be islamic and we should follow Eastern culture. Our education system does not produce well-trained workers. It does not provide expert persons but only the learning, which is insufficient in skill. We have to increase the experts in every engineers, technician, doctors and learned men in our country as well as in the whole regions of South Asia.

Our examination as well as the practical process in our country’s education is not suitable. One does not judge the real ability of one’s person. It needs much change. It is our basic need that old system of education must be changed and it must be followed on modern needs old pattern of Examination in theory as well as in practical methods are quite unable to conclude the correct result with accuracy. Our pattern of Examination does not judge the real efficiency and the correct ability of a student. We can’t achieve better standard of education without making any drastic changes. For achievement of progress and prosperity, we would have to bring a vast change in our education system of today.

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