The Holy Day in Summer

English Essay on "The Holy Day in Summer"

In countries like ours summer is perhaps the most trying season. Thermometer records a temperature several degrees above hundred. Right from morning the heat begins to grow and by mid-day people do not move-to-move out.

It was the last day of June. The weather was very hot since morning. The atmosphere was humid. It seemed to be the hottest day of that season. The gleams of sunlight were scorching and teasing. It looked as if the filling flames had burnt the whole atmosphere. The air pressure was lowered down and a vacuum had been created which .was an indication of very stormy condition. Everything looked dried up even the plants and leaves seemed to be thirsty. There were no clouds in the sky. The temperature had been raised to about 46°C and it was really a hot day.

The birds set on the branches of the trees. The animals rested under shade. The roads and streets were deserted. There was little traffic on the roads. The camel and donkey cart drivers parked the cart under shady trees. People shut up in houses and sat under fan, but there was no relief. The ice vendors, the sharbat and lassi shops made good business. Ice was being sold Rs. 5/- per Kilogram. Even the policemen were not seen on duty. Excessive heat dislocated city life.

At noon, weather began to change and all of a sudden it became cloudy. After about half an hour it started drizzling which gradually changed to heavy pour down. Heavy rainfall had flooded roads and streets. Water was streaming on roads and it has made problems for the vehicles and the pedestrians. At crowded places the traffic situation had become bad too worst. Shops and other business centres had been closed and the whole city looked in a holiday mood. When the train stopped, children and even boys came out of their house and had enjoyed the beautiful atmosphere. I had generated a calm and quiet peaceful climatic change. It was the blessing of Allah that the atmosphere had become so cool and fascinating.

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