Educational Problems Of Pakistan

English Essay on "Educational Problems Of Pakistan"

Educational system of a century is a process which enables her people to develop their faculties and talents, to adjust themselves to their environments and to lead their lives according to their religious, moral and cultural values. It is a dynamic process which evolves and changes with the growing needs, wishes and aspirations of people.

Pakistan is an ideological state. The very struggle to achieve Pakistan was based upon the idea of affording an opportunity to the Muslims of the Sub-continent to live and prosper according to their specific culture pattern. Most of our educational structure, as it exists today was erected by the British rulers to serve as a prop to maintain their domination, to enforce the type of discipline and law and order that they wished to have in our country. The result was that their educational system upheld the British authority somehow or the other and it created submissive and passive negativity and with drawl from active and independent process of national evolution.

This morbid, negative and unhealthy tendency of retreat and escape is the biggest educational problem. Our education should aim at removing this trend and restoring self confidence to our people. If we want to read a newspaper we expect the government to open a public library, if we want to educate our children we look to the Government to institute schools and colleges, if we wish to have a public park we petition the government to do so and what is our job? We are simply content with criticizing the government.

This change cannot occur overnight. If requires planning, experimentation and consciousness in our people. Our educational system should be reorganized so as to inculcate moral values in our people, to enable them to live in the light of the teachings of Islam, develop an idea of a unified nation and ultimately to realize the importance of securing a respectable place in the comity of nations. This requires a fundamental change in our courses of study.

Then there is another problem of adopting a national language and medium of instruction. Our student is confused with a number of languages that he has to study. Most of his energies are wasted on cramming grammatical principles of various languages. The idea of including English as a compulsory subject in our syllabi should be thoroughly considered. Of course, English should not be eliminated with a scratch of pen.

The next educational problem is lack of technical, industrial and scientific education. There is a limited number of technical, industrial and professional institutions and most of the students desirous of getting such education cannot do so.(9essay.com) This results in unemployment and dearth of technicians, engineers, doctors and experts in other skills.

Ours is an agricultural land and nearly eighty percent of our people depend upon land as a means of their subsistence. In this respect we have to expand the agricultural education. Agricultural schools and college’s short time training courses' in specialized branches of farming and refresher courses of other types should be arranged. This will go a long way to train our farmers.

Student's unrest lack of co-operation and understanding between the teacher and the taught, between the teacher and the parent, between the parent and society and the ever increasing discontentment of the teacher are some of our other educational problems. These problems are very delicate and can in way be solved by enforcing strict regulations, adopting legislative measures and promulgating laws. This can be done by taking a considerate and sympathetic view of the difficulties of the parties concerned. A campaign should be launched to promote moral values and .have social reforms on voluntary basis. Big' business magnates, the wealthy industrialists, land lords, and the influential politicians can contribute a lot to solve this problem. The bureaucrat should give up the idea of his authority and come forward to serve his country with a missionary spirit. Such a change of hearten can go a long way to solve our Educational problems.

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