Floods In Pakistan

English Essay on "Floods In Pakistan"

Floods are common in Pakistan. Every year one reads of floods in one river or another, often causing great damage. When the floods are extensive, the water rushes, into the heart of city or the village. Floods are always sudden and unexpected.

A flood is mainly due to heavy rainfall. For it causes the rivers to overflow and inundates the surrounding areas. It is also caused by cyclones, tidal, bores or melting of snows on mountains. It is one of the natural calamities over which man has no control. He Is extremely helpless when it rushes forward and devours everything in its way.

When a flood occurs, there is devastation all around. The plight of the human beings under these circumstances is most pitiable. Houses tropple down. Their belongings are destroyed. They have nothing to eat and no roof to shelter them. When the means of communication are broken off, it takes much time before any help from outside can be rendered. Meanwhile they suffer and die. This distress of the domestic animals becomes all the more intense. Without fodder, without shelter, they die in thousands. Their carcasses are found floating in the rivers.

Every calamity has its end. So the flood ends too. But it leaves with the people difficult problems to tackle. The whole area looks dull and deary. Trees are uprooted. The crop is destroyed. Storehouses and shops of grains are washed away. Thus floods give birth to famine. Often after the floods diseases spread and people die in large numbers.

To fight against the disaster of this natural calamity, relief work is organized. The Government sanctions money for gratuitous relief and longer-term loans. It also rushes food, clothes and medicines for the affected people. Many generous minded persons contribute huge sums of money. Relief committees are formed. Appeals are made for food, clothes and money. The students of colleges and universities engage themselves in raising funds. They even go to the affected areas for rendering help in as many ways as they can. Many selfless social workers come forward and work day and night to relieve the Suffering. The floods take only a few hours to destroy, but it takes. years to restore the flooded area back to its normal life.

Everything has its merits and demerits. The flood has its good effects too. It leaves silts on the land it passes over. This makes the land more fertile. But its evils are far greater than the small good it does to the land.

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