Pakistan And His Neighbuors

English Essay on "Pakistan And His Neighbuors"

Pakistan is an important state. She has to play a very important role not only in the international politics but also in the Islamic world as an ideological state. "Islamic Republic of Pakistan" as her name indicates is based upon the ideological concepts of Islam. In pre-Independence days the Muslims or British India fought not simply for freedom, as the other communities like the Hindus and the Sikhs fought, but also for a separate independent Muslim State where they could lead their life according to culture pattern of Islam. This is what happened after independence. The constitution of India is based upon secularism whereas in our constitution we have resolved to lead our life in accordance with the principles of Islam.

In view of this the duty of Pakistan becomes very important. It is especially more important because two of our neighboring countries, Iran and Afghanistan, are Muslim countries. These countries are linked with almost the entire Islamic world. Two of our other neighbors Le. China and Russia have the most significant place in the modern world. Lastly we have Burma and India as our neighboring countries. 'Love thy neighbor as thyself,' is a well known quotation from the Holy Bible. This is a motto which may very well apply to individual, social or national life. This is equally useful to all and for all ages. Pakistan believes in friendly and cordial relations with all her neighbors-the relations based on a sense of respect for humanity on the idea of tolerance and good-will and on the golden principle of live and let live. This is the policy which creates an atmosphere of mutual cooperation. If this policy is adopted by all other countries of the world it shall eliminate war and lead humanity to eternal peace prosperity.

With the exception of India the relations of Pakistan with all her neighbors are friendly. The Iraqis and the Afghanis are our Muslim brethren. Unfortunately, for a short period of about two years there .had been some strain on our relations with Afghanistan" It is highly commendable that both the countries did not like that tense situation and wished to remove this bitterness.

Iran, China, Russia and. Burma are our neighbors with whom he relations of Pakistan -have always been friendly. We see, from time, to time, that either Heads of these States or other Good-will or Technical Missions from these states have been coming to Pakistan and in return Pakistan has also been sending various missions to these countries' This has gone a long way in strengthening our relationships with them It is due to the peace loving attitude of Pakistan towards her neighbors that there has never been even a single border dispute with any of the above countries.(9essay.com) Our trade, too, is flourishing on that account.

India is our last important neighbor. In spite of the best efforts of Pakistan to maintain good ties with their country the Indian rulers always behave coldly and fail to respond to our ideas and actions based on good-will and mutual cooperation. India is our only neighbor who never solved her disputes by negotiations. The use of force for settling problems is the only argument acceptable to 'India. She used force in Junagadh and Manavadar states in spite of the fact that these states had declared their option to accede to Pakistan. This she, did in contrary to the laws of international politics. Similarly she is using force and creating hurdles to solve her disputes in almost every problem in general and with regard to Kashmir in particular. She is not prepared to allow the people of Jammu and Kashmir the right of self-determination in spite of the resolutions of U.N.O. Just recently she tried to us force in the disputed territory of Rann of Kutch but had to come a cropper. The affair of the Rann of Kutch should serve as an eye-opener to the Indian rulers otherwise she shall have to face the similar fate in Kashmir. Pakistan has always expressed her wish to solve her dispute with India in a friendly spirit.

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