Pakistan From An Optimist's Point Of View

English Essay on "Pakistan From An Optimist's Point Of View"

Pakistan is an ideological state. It was not without significance that the Muslims in undivided India demanded a separate Independent Muslim State. Pakistan came into existence in spite of tough opposition of both the Hindus and the British rulers. From the cultural, traditional and religious point of view, Muslims were widely different from Hindus.

Muslims therefore, wanted to have a separate homeland where they could live and progress according to their own religion and culture pattern. So thank God! We have Pakistan now. In the beginning millions of Muslims in India were forcibly driven away from their homes and hearths and they entered Pakistan as refugees. In spite of various hurdles at the initial stage most of the refugees have been settled and are now making steady progress.

There are certain people who are pessimists. They are suffering from depression and frustration and hence have no faith in the progress of Pakistan. But that tendency is unhealthy. Pakistan started from scratch in 1947 and has made wonderful progress in fifty years. There were many problems in the beginning that we had to face and even at present we are confronted with a number of problems. The past fifty years of her life will stand witness to the fact that Pakistan has capacity to steer clear out of the difficulties.

Let us now have a bird's eye view of our achievements. Rehabilitation of millions of homeless refugees was a tremendous problem. Due to the merciless treatment of India these people were subjected to every kind of torture and were thus reduced to a state of penury. Agricultural land and houses, shops, mills, factories and other business concerns were allotted to them to establish themselves. Those who could not run business were provided with employments in various fields of life. Now we find these people progressing by leaps and bounds and contributing efficiently to the welfare of Pakistan.

Similarly we lagged far behind in the field of industry and commerce in 1947. So much so that Pakistan had to import even cotton cloth in spite of the fact that she is one of the biggest producers of cotton. But now she has undergone an amazing revolution. We have a very large number and variety of industries such as textile and Woolen Mills Cement and Sugar Factories Industries that manufacture electric fans, heaters and other electric appliances sewing machine and cycle manufacturing company’s drug, soap and cosmetic industries Paper and Strawboard Mills and many others. We are now progressing by leaps and bounds.(9essay.com) In the beginning we had to spend a large amount of our foreign exchange on the import of these commodities. But now various things are even exported by which means we are earning a lot of foreign exchange.

Our progress is not only limited to the commerce and industry but we are making an al! round progress in almost all the sphere of life. The life of the cultivator is rapidly changing on account of the Agrarian Reforms and the use of mechanized methods of agriculture. The tube-wells are being sunk and electric power is available to facilitate the farming and to afford comforts in the daily life of a farmer. Similarly a new determination is visible in education. The people are realizing its importance and the technical and arts schools and colleges are being instituted in quick succession according to the situation and need.

But there is yet much to be done. We have not achieved our goal as yet. There are certain evils which we have yet to eradicate. We have to do a lot of work to solve our problems, both internal and external. The most important of our external problems is that of the Kashmir issue for which we are determined to make every sacrifice. There is absolutely no room for disappointment. Let us contribute sincerely what we can and surely God helps those who help themselves.

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