The Charms of City Life

English Essay on "The Charms of City Life"

outline : Introduction - Details of the charms - A reference to dements - Conclusion.

The charms of city life which attract people from all directions and from all walks of life are many and various. Life in big cities has its own comforts which people living in small towns cannot enjoy.

The first and foremost of these charms is its communication facilities. If a man in the country is to go from one place to another, he thinks twice. But in the city, the position is otherwise. One may go from one place to another as he wishes. All kinds of things are easily available in the city. There are big shops and stores where we can get things, from a pin to an elephant. Things brought from the ends of the earth are available in one place. There are big hospitals and clinics which are equipped with the latest medical facilities. In cities, we can get the treatment from the best of doctors, who are specialists in every field. All kinds of educational facilities from the primary stage to Post Graduate stage may be had in the city. There are arrangements for the education of the boys and girls in the city's schools, colleges and university or universities. One may easily avail oneself of these facilities according to one's inclination and choice.

On the social side, there are theatres, cinemas, lectures and entertainments of all kinds. Even the poorest man can take part in the entertainments which a large city offers. A walk in the evening will show that a town keeps its citizens amused and occupied till a late hour. People intolerant of village politics and tired of unending quarrels, treacheries and the like find in the city a place of relief.

The availability of services in the city attracts the service-seeking educated people to it. Again, men of letters and people having literary talents are very easily attracted by the city, for here they find many opportunities for writing and publishing their works and having recognition they deserve. As the city is the main seat of administration, people of the legal profession and litigants flock here.

There is, of course, another side of the picture. One may point out that the facilities that have been described as mainly available to the well-to-do classes. In most of the towns there are slums iii which people are huddled together in poverty and want. Another peculiarity a city life has its hurry. There is no leisure. Life is very fast. There are crowds and crowds of people and all seem to be in hurry. Wherever you go in a big city you will find huge crowds. Then with all the speeding vehicles - buses, trucks, cars and so on, there are many accidents every day. Many lives are lost in these accidents. Life is less certain in a city than in a small town or village.

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