Unity, Faith and Discipline

English Essay on "Unity, Faith and Discipline"

Quaid-e-Azam gave us this slogan as our national motto in the struggle for independence. The essay is argumentative and you can make it interesting with examples contented? from the life of our Quaid-e-Azam.

Note the following

  1. Unity, Faith and Discipline our national motto
  2. How did these principles enable us to achieve Pakistan?
  3. Unity-its meaning and importance
  4. The implication and significance of Faith
  5. Discipline-What does it mean and how can it help us in various walks of life?

Every Pakistani knows that this was the motto of our Quaid-e-Azam. By his own example he showed how this could be true and how can we achieve our ideal with the help of these principles. In his life our Quaid-e-Azam preached the Muslims to stand united to keep faith in God and cultivate self-confidence and ultimately to maintain perfect sense of discipline.

The result was tremendous. The whole world wondered when Pakistan came into being in the teeth of opposition from all sides. The Muslims in the British India were a very backward people. The Hindus dominated them in almost all the aspects of life. In education they were stronger than the Muslims their financial position was very excelled. Commerce and industry was entirely in their hands. The British rulers liked the Hindus and considered Muslims incapable of having and maintaining freedom. In these distressing circumstances Quaid-e-Azarn united the Muslims and gave them hope for the better future instead of frustration. With deep-rooted faith in their own selves Quaid-e-Azam enabled them to fight for freedom in the most disciplined manner. Consequently the Muslims exercised• their own right of self determination and won separate home-land for themselves. Let us analyses these principles one by one.

Unity is the most fundamental and important factor in the history of any organization. We cannot have any idea of common struggle in the life of any group without the unity of its members. A cricket team, for example, cannot show any performance if the players are not united. An institution cannot achieve its purpose if there.(9essay.com) Is disunity among its members? A nation cannot even exist if the people are disunited. A state cannot perform its function properly if the men at the helm of affairs are disintegrated. A government cannot maintain law and order if the people have their own way. Even in a family peace and prosperity is Impossible without the unity of all its members.

The next important thing is faith. Broadly speaking faith may also be used for one's belief in religion. Here the word mainly implies confidence in the truth of the principles and their ultimate success. Sir Winston Churchill, in one of his broadcasts to the nation during the Second World War assured the people of their success because they were fighting for a noble cause. In these, modern days when the entire world is being welded into an international brotherhood there are certain widely accepted general standards of morality. One should have one's ideal which should be in keeping with these standards and should then have full confidence in one's efforts and in one's success. This is applicable to the life and struggle of an individual and to all the affairs of the community. Self confidence enables the people to fight courageously and to continue the struggle even if there difficulties in the beginning. Deep-rooted faith in the truth of one's mission prepares one to fight all evils, to face all odds and to make any sacrifice. One never yields to the selfish intentions and motives and so one shows integrity of one's character.

The last, but not the least, is the sense of discipline Faith determines your goal, gives you as noble and. sublime ideal and fills your heart with hope of success. Unity enables you to drive onward, to push ahead with your entire main and might in a team-spirit. Discipline will help you to achieve your purpose. Discipline is the essential quality required in the advancement of civilization and culture. It is a quality that makes a man of you that distinguishes a man from animals. Indiscipline in a society is a mark of decadence that is sure to bring social injustice, degradation and other evils in its wake.

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