Wars and Weapons of Today and Tomorrow

English Essay on "Wars and Weapons of Today and Tomorrow"

From the history of the Gulf War of 1991 we are beginning to learn something about the high-tech weaponry that super powers have in their arsenals. The Americans remodeled, rebuilt and re-equipped their B-52 bombers of the seventies and stuffed them with high-tech gear, micro-processors, laser-guiding devices, electromagnetic jammers, and infrared sensors the pentagon also used F-117’ A Stealth Fighters, mostly as spotter planes circling on high, and training laser designators on their targets.

Here is a mind-boggling list of high-tech weaponry the US is planning to build and use in future wars: M-1A1 Tank. A dinosaur that will fire ultra-high velocity electric guns. It will be capable of deflecting enemy shells with an electromagnetic force field. F-4G Wild Weasel. It is an airframe with new electronic devices. Flying at low levels, it will hunt enemy radar with homing and jamming pods and air-to-ground missiles.

ATF-Advanced Tactical Fighter equipped with. sophisticated computers. It will fly stealthily and without the brain and hands of the pilot. Virtual Reality Helmet will give the pilot a picture of the battlefield, flash symbols to indicate enemy planes, show him a yellow-brick road leading right to the target. Laser Rifles capable of both stunning and killing enemy soldiers. Electromagnetic pulses, high-powered noise generators, microwave and computer viruses. These will disable and render useless electrical and electronic systems.

Metallic Shrouds for stopping enemy tanks. Certain varieties of foam that will release an avalanche of soap bubbles. Any man caught-beneath them will be unable to see, hear or move. Could the Devil himself devise more destructive weaponry? Let us first decide whether human beings on this planet will or will not fight world wars in the years to come. It is to everybody’s knowledge that all countries, be or small, are spending vast sums of money on Scuds, Patriots, Tomahawks, Agnies, Prithvies, super tanks, F-16’s, MIG 29’s, smart bombs, laser-guided precision warheads and nuclear-powered warships and submarines. These weapons are not meant to be displayed in museums for the delight of spectators, nor are they to be dismantled or sold as scrap. A trigger-happy globo-tyrant may someday jump on the military stage of the world to unleash the dogs of war. This is no imaginary doomsday scenario, but a stark reality to which the present generation of world rulers is responding with their ostrich isolationism. The tribal and ethnic wars that are being fought today in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Afghanistan, Rwanda, Angola, Somalia, Sudan and Sri Lanka are warning omens of a quake that will shake this earth from pole to pole. To suppose that a cataclysmic nuclear war will never be fought is to live in a fool’s paradise.(9essay.com) the big powers of the world are collecting the might of inter-continental ballistic missiles not to kilt flies but to destroy human beings, because like Olympian gods they believe that human beings are no better than flies. They say these weapons are powerful deterrents meant to slay the hands of an aggressor and to prevent him from plunging the world into a holocaust. But when so many countries possess such deterrents, where is the guarantee that another Truman will not re-enact another Hiroshima? The danger of a therino-nuclear conflagration is real and it would be foolish not to take steps to eliminate it.

The seventies and eighties of the present century were a period during which the devils of war and the angels of peace were battling for the soul of humanity. If the devils were preaching the philosophy of Star Wars, the angels were moving in the direction of nuclear disarmanent. The first international agreement to prohibit testing of nuclear weapons in space was signed in 1972, and was followed by a couple of SALTS when it was agreed that ICBM’s which had begun to multiply should be kept within limitations. Both the US and the Soviet Union destroyed certain percentage of their nuclear weapons. But when the Soviet Empire disintegrated and the cold war ended, the Americans concentrated their efforts on preventing countries like North Korea, Pakistan and India from going nuclear.

Their efforts have not succeeded, nor are they likely to succeed because their approach is discriminatory and leaves countries like Israel and China untouched. They have neither the will nor the power to persuade them to abandon their nuclear programmers. Scientists must give up their love for weapons of war. They must not dance to the tune of politicians who need these to serve their interests. They must not waste their talent on making state of the art weapons of destruction. Governments must, learn to follow the way of sanity and divert the millions they spend on developing the armament industry to the cause of peace. How many million years shall we need to come up to the level of our present civilized state if a thermo-nuclear war pushes humanity into a primitive and precarious existence only calculating astronomers can tell. Let those who have given to the sky of our beautiful earth so menacing a shape with their dragon-like bombers which are keeping a round-the-clock vigil in that atmospheric purity, satanically expecting every minute to unload their all-destroying burden of nuclear warheads on some country or continent, remember that human beings or whatever misshapen beings they may be in the years to come will consider their ancestors no better than prehistoric dinosaurs who destroyed one another because they had too much power to keep it under control and too little wisdom to use that power for their good.

We cannot say when all weapons of mass destruction will be dismantled and put out of use, thought we now that for nations to keep them in their possession is to play with fire and invite certain death. The first practical step to eliminate the use of these weapons is to stop experimental explosions of nuclear bombs. This should be followed by an international agreement to destroy all nuclear weapons within the next couple of years. Modalities of implementing this agreement should be worked out in the same manner in which those of the Middle East Peace Accord between the Jews and the Palestinians have been so successfully shaped.

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