Why I Love Pakistan

English Essay on "Why I Love Pakistan"

Pakistan is my mother-land. I was born here, brought up here and educated here. Socrates refused to avail himself of the opportunity of running away from the jail and saving his life in spite of the fact that he was secretly allowed to do so. His plea was that his act of running away stealthily from the punishment was tantamount to treason. When his disciples made such plans as to afford him chance to flee, he said, "My parents married each other, begot me, brought me up and educated me according to law of my country. She provides me with everything food, clothing, protection, peace and calm of life. If I run away that will be violation of her law, treachery and disloyalty". This is exactly how I feel.

All of the comforts, pleasures and. enjoyments of my life are due to Pakistan. Her cultivated lands and winding rivers provide me with food, her beautiful gardens with fruits, her innumerable industrial and business establishments provide me with every comfort of life, her educational institutions educate me, her law ensures me protection and peace of mind, and, most important of all, her armed forces afford me security from any foreign aggression. When I look around me I feel as if every inch of her land and every puff of her air is a blessing for me.

How blissful is it to feel like that and' to enjoy all the pleasures of life! When I realize this, I have a sense of relief. My heart is filled with a• deep sense of gratitude and love for Pakistan. I feel proud of her.

These amenities of life provided by Pakistan are not the exclusive right of any single individual or a particular group of individuals. Pakistan and her entire yield, in every respect is for all Pakistanis alike. There can be no distinction of caste, creed or color. All of her resources are for every citizen, great or small, high or low, poor or rich.

I love my country because she is a symbol of national liberty, self-determination and free-will. We had to wage the double war to gain independence One against the British imperialism and the other against the Hindu bigotry. Pakistan came into being in spite of the tough opposition. Then, just at the time of the independence, as it was planned by the Hindus and the British, she suffered a horrible blow.(9essay.com) Hundreds of thousands of the Muslims who were actually the Indian nationals were mercilessly driven away into Pakistan. They were homeless, penniless and in a very miserable condition. Pakistan stood this trial heroically and faced all these turbulent.

Pakistan is dear to me because it is the fulfillment of our Quaid-e-Azam's dreams. The very name of Pakistan reminds us how our Quaid worked hard to achieve her, how he united the Muslims of India, how he created awareness in them within a very short span of time, and how he ultimately succeeded when all the world wondered at this great achievement. When we look back at the passage of only five decades we notice how with great amazement we are progressing to keep up pace with the march of time.

In spite of the diversity of languages we are united. We are all harmonized on account of one goal, common Ideology and above all, a common religion-Islam.

For these and many other reasons I love Pakistan are stronger than that. I am devoted to Pakistan for her and I am prepared to die for her, Let all the Pakistani all the Pakistan dearly and keep before us our “Unity, Discipline and Faith."

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