A Picnic At the Seaside

English Essay on "A Picnic At the Seaside"

We reached at the famous beach of Karachi at about 9a.m. having deposited our belongings under a tree. We put on our swimming trunks. Our leader gave us some advice about swimming and on rescuing a person from being drowned. Then we jumped into the sea.

We swam about for a longtime when we were tired of swimming. We decided to play -'pillow-fighting' for a change. There were a few rubbers pillows with the party. We used these for the game. We divided ourselves into two groups, half of us played as 'horses' and the other half, as fighters. The 'horses' and the 'fighters' exchanged places after short periods of play. The 'fighter' hit each other with their pillows. Often a 'fighter' would fall off his 'horse and sometimes a 'horse' divided bringing his fighter down for a surprise dip. This fun continued for a long time. In the end, when we were too tired to play or swim any more, we made for the shore.

We unpacked the food we had brought with us. We had no plates to serve the food on. A few pieces of paper in which the food had been packed served instead. Baskets full of bread and fruits were emptied in no time. The few crates of aerated water that we had' were consumed at the same time. After the meal, we lay down on the sand for a rest. Some slept while others sang songs or listened in to their transistorized radio sets.

After a short rest, we got up once again. Some jumped back into the sea for another spell of swimming and playing games, while others walked bare-footed on the cool sandy beach.(9essay.com) A few took their fishing rods to catch some fish, while some more adventurous one hired' a boat form the fishermen there, and went rowing in it.

We had with us a few inflated rubber tubes. These kept some of us afloat without much effort. It is significant that we used these tubes only in the evening in the morning we were too fresh to need them.

Dusk was fast approaching, when we left the sea , dressed ourselves, and headed for home.

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