Are Computers Inevasible

English Essay on "Are Computers Inevasible"

Computers have been primarily designed as a device to accept data, apply a. series of logical processes to it and supply the result of these processes as information. The modern computers were baptized in the seventeenth century and owe their birth to tremendous advances in mathematic in that age. Presumably irked by the tedious calculations Pascal was called upon to make during his research in mathematics. He in 1642 introduced “Toothed Wheels” to per-form multiplication by repeated addition- of numbers. Leibritz then came up with his “Reckoning Machine;” But it was Charles Babbage’ “Analytical Engine” which turned out to be the forerunner of the modern computer. The first computer was invented in 1944 by Prof. Howard Ailken who built Mark I to compute weapon trajectories. This was followed by ENIAC and sperry-Rands UNIAC. With transistors and microcircuity having occupied their appointed place, computers of to-day microcircuity having occupied their appointed place, computers of to -day are light, relatively economical and remarkably reliable.

According to Dr. Louis T. Raderr, a Vice President of General Electric. “The Computers may have a beneficial potential for the human race than any other invention in history”. Acceptably, computers are going ahead from an attempt to usher in a radically new era in what Arnold Toynbee has termed as “Permanent industrial revolution”. They have profoundly affected each and every walk of life. The man has succeeded in reaching the moon, much of the credit of that achievement has gone to computers. And if we into consideration the belief held by many engineers that computer technology is still in its in-I fancy, is not known that might not be achieved by computers if not in near at least in distant future. At present computers are being used for controlling many of the production processes in the paper, petro-chemical, petroleum and steel industries. In some companies they control the billing, Shipping, order materials, write the cheques to pay for the, decide what to produce and in what quantity. It is not an exaggeration to say that a few years from now, computers will be working for even housewives.

In this craze for installing computers Pakistan is not lagging behind. Computer have come to stay permanently in our economy. With the rapid development into our industry and economy. With the rapid development in the country, it can be safely estimated that within the next few years, Pakistan will be as much subject to computerization as any other country in the world including the United States.

Before venturing to assess the desirability or undesirability of having computers, it is pertinent to bring its varied uses on record.

One area most affected by computer is that of business management. The computer has proved that many manage-merit decisions are repetitive which can be handled nicely by a machine. Many of the middle management jobs are going to computers. The computer is of tremendous value to big business because it enables executives to take a hard, logical look at their own function and their company’s way of doing business. Computer is not only aid to the mental faculty, it is also in many ways an objective and impartial reviewer. The individual’s personal prejudices do not come in the way of mechanical computerization. While dealing with facts there can always be the temptation to bank on and utilize only the convenient ones. Perhaps these convenient facts are the only facts we understands. The machine, however, is objective and will process the data fed into with objectivity. Statistics concerning a complex and dynamic society are therefore best dealt with by computers. Masses of details are collected for the purpose of administration. But the end of collection should be followed by the beginning of comprehension. In other words, the data collected should be appreciated. .While the facts are the foundation, the computers can put up the construction. It is only the basis of analyzed facts that policies can be formulated and decisions implemented. And not merely statistics, computers can check business income t.ac returns, and individual returns. Computers have helped scientists discover more than 100 new subatomic parties. They are busy analysing strange ratio signals from outer space. Biochemists have only now managed to delve into the hitherto unassailable secrets of the human cell. Hospitals use computers. Computers read electrocardiograms faster and more accurately than a jury of physicians.(9essay.com) Police departments use it. And in a growing number of schools, computers have taken jobs as instructors. While man’s exploration of space would have been impossible without computers, the biggest changes worked by these remarkable machines are taking place right on earth.

Just out of its teens, the computer is beginning to affect the ery fabric of society, kindling wonder and widespread apprehension. It has also, by automation created several problems. The most pressing and practical one is displacement of the work force. A large number of jobs would be eliminated. Obviously, society will have to undergo some major economic and social changes if those displaced by machines are to lead productive-lives. Economists say automation may bring about 20 hours work a week. Some radical prophets foresee a time when only 2% of the work force will be employed. Even the most moderate estimates show that a number.

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