Computer Revolution

English Essay on "Computer Revolution"

The world is on the threshold of a computer revolution. It is going to be the permanent tool of the modern age. Computers are being used in all the areas today; be it business, finance, education, science. They are fast changing the way of work. Computers are, no doubt, designed to play a very important role in future as there is no field of human activity in which the computers cannot help.

Computer technology has made stupendous progress in the last four decades. It was only in 1944 that Prof. Aikens and his team has designed the first ever computer in Harvard University, USA. Since then we have come a long way. Today, the world is on the threshold of a computer revolution. In fact, in the decades to come, they are going to play a very crucial role as there is no field of activity in which computers cannot help.

Everyday new uses are being found for computers. They are already helping man in a fantastic range of fields agriculture, industry, scientific research, machine design, banks, aviation, space research, medical diagnosis, traffic control and even in literature.

Computers have some special features which make them extremely useful to man speed, accuracy and storage of information or memory. Computers are designed in such a way that they rarely make errors. Modern computers are machines with a high degree of reliability. We often hear of computers making funny and at times costly mistakes. The culprit how ever, is not the machine but the human being who operates the machine. Computers have some qualities which make them superior to man in some ways. For one thing, computers never get tried. Also the same computers can do a wide variety of jobs. Besides, being an automatic machine it can do long jobs with little or no help from a human operator No wander computer is considered the greatest invention of mane For the first time, man has made a machine that adds power to his brain. When man made machines, he added to the power of his muscles, when he made vehicles, he was adding faster feet. Just as the industrial revolution brought great changes to the way people worked and lived, and changed the human role from being a source of power for labour into being a controller of machines, in a similar manner today we are facing a second revolution, as machines tended by people are being increasingly replaced by computers. Before the industrial revolution people started to work in factories. In future, computers are going to make it possible for man to transact business and do the shopping without leaving his home. Aided by computers, man has become Capable of feats he had never dreamt of.

Computers have become indispensable in industry and business. They are being extensively used in industry. They have been installed in business houses, offices, factories, hospitals, banks, petrol pumps, railway stations, etc, and taken the drudgery out of the life of the clerical staff. Even in a country like Pakistan, computers are fast changing Pakistani way of life and work. The stuffy, overcrowded air and rail reservation of faces in most cities are fast being replaced by fir conditioned ones that have near rows of booking clerks seated behind terminals, punching out tickets rapidly. In commercial and business houses they are keeping track of file and viral statistics reviewing the achievement of targets; chalking out sales strategies, etc Computers have brought about automation in every field. In act, they carry out activities and tasks which were formerly thought of essentially as human.(9essay.com) This has increased production and reduced the requirement for manpower in industry and business. In fact, computers have wide application in various industries like chemical processing industries, metal industries packaging, etc. In the last few years advances have been made in the field of assembly of complex components like in the automobile industry.

The trend set off a controversy about the impact of automation on unemployment,. Will the spread and extension of automation mean economic ruin as unemployment rises and productive potential soars? Time alone will answer such questions. However, one thing is certain that in this age of automation ushered in by the ‘second industrial revolution,’ nothing is going to remain the same for human life. Modern medical diagnosis has become more accurate, precise and fast with the help of computers. Some of the most advanced tools are being used in medical, research, diagnosis, treatment and investigation. Machines like cat scan enable medical specialists to reproduce the body slice by slice and prepare films o ascertain the exact location of a disease, function of a particular organ in the body, detect any abnormalities, growths, etc. Doctors there days rely heavily on the diagnosis tests before making a final diagnosis and choosing the course of treatment. These tests help in detecting diseases like ulcers, cancers in early stages and have proved a real blessing to the modern man, who is susceptible to several diseases which were unknown to his forefathers, due to the stresses and strains of everyday life.

The exploration of space has been one of the most exciting developments of this century. Most spacecrafts which have been launched in space in the last 30 years, since the time space age began, have transmitted vast amount of knowledge back to earth. It now does not seem so distant a reality or a difficult dream to realize that one day we shall be able to establish human colonies on other planets with our present techniques and resources, it is only the development and application of computers which has brought man closer to real sizing his dreams. Besides, satellites which are launched in space are of immense use in communication. They have enthralled TV viewers all over the world by taking their favorite programmes or events of world significance right into their living rooms. Photographs from satellites have helped in the field of agriculture, geology, meteorology. Weather satellites help to give advance warning of any such developments which may be dangerous to human life. Pakistan has recently purchased super-computer Cray XMP-14 from the USA. Undoubtedly, computers are doing a lot of useful work by controlling special machines. Given arms and hands, a computer can do more physical work. This is precisely what the robots are doing. Today robots are really ‘computers with muscle’ though a lay man tends to dismiss them as mere metal imitations of human with steel claws or hands.

Robots can work untiringly. In some of the advanced countries of the world these robots are performing tasks which earlier it was considered only humans could do. Robots are being used in industry, entertainment, space, medicine. It seems possible now that robots will be the servants of future. Already there are a number of personal robots available. In countries like USA AND Japan they are providing great help to the handicapped, the aged and the mentally retarded. A lot of research are trying to make robots more intelligent so that they can think and act rationally like human brain. Today, there is practically no aspect of civilized life which is not it some stage under the control of computer. In future one may expect that most homes will have computer terminal just as today they have a telephone. However, one question that is frequently asked is ‘will the computers always be such a blessing? Scholars and others are not so sure. The power of the computer can be misused. It is already being used in needless warfare. In advanced countries, experts are working out ways to preventing misuse of computers. Therefore, to prevent computers from turning against and dominating its creator like Frankenstein’s monster, man must use his discretion. Computers will represent no danger to humanity if we do not allow then to activities of human brain which seem beyond the realm of artificial intelligence of computers and robots.

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