Importance of Leisure time Activities

English Essay on "Importance of Leisure time Activities"

My favourite leisure time activity is reading books because they play a very important port in developing the minds of students. They provide a valuable training in the art of self-expression and also provide an opening for the student’s creative genius. I read religious books because they have a deep effect on human minds. They teach us how to live a life and how to treat other human beings with due respect and dignity. I also read general books which contain articles based on various topics, stories, poems, etc. by different writers. In this way I am able to increase my knowledge by these valuable books.(9essay.com) In fact, the book is the teacher and the reader is the pupil.

I have become fully acquainted with the philosophies of Plato, Aristotle, Bertrand Russell and Allama lqbal; with the theories of Einstein, Newton and Darwin; with the poems of William Shakespeare, William Wordsworth, Ghalib, Allama lqbal and Shah Abdul Latif Bhatti by books. I sometimes have to go to the public libraries in order to quench my thirst for knowledge by studying general books, and reference books and encyclopedias.

I really learn about many things by reading books on History, Geography, Literature Islamic knowledge Science etc. As a matter of fact, I fully enjoy my favourite leisure time activity by reading books on different subjects.

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