My Favourite personality

English Essay on "My Favourite personality"

Points : : Introduction - His personality - His good qualities – His habits - His influence over the boys chief reason for his popularity - Conclusion.

The most popular boy of my school is Faisal. He is my class-fellow. I have known him for a long time. Last year he won the prize for being the best boy of the school. His charming manners are liked by everybody. To see him is to love him. I admire Faisal.

Faisal is about 15 or 16. He is a boy of good personality. His body is well built. He is taller for his age. He comes of a respectable family. His colour is fair. He has well-cut features.

He is a rare boy for work and play. At school or in the playground he is always the hero. He is a true sportsman. I never saw him losing his temper in the playground. He is an excellent football player. He is always the hope of his team. I find him always keen about everything that he is asked to do.

In the classroom he is the best boy. The Principal considers him the brightest boy of the class. He is at home in English and Mathematics. In other subjects he always makes up his deficiency by his hard work. His home task is always upto date. No teacher ever found him wanting in this respect. His work is not only entirely done but done neatly and correctly.

Faisal is frank and generous, kind and considerate, brave and noble. He is always ready to help the small boys. But he is always careful not to utter unpleasant words. You will always find him meek and humble. Whenever he commits a mistake, he admits it frankly before everybody. He never deceives anybody in the class or outside the class. He is obedient and sincere.

Faisal has great influence among the boys and the teachers.(9essay.com) His requests, which are always reasonable, are never rejected by the Principal. In every function he is always very helpful. In our difficulties he is always on our side. Many boys get help from school funds due to his attempts.

The above mentioned qualities would not make Faisal a popular boy in the school. The secret of his fame lies else- where. He is very kind-hearted. If any boy of his class falls ill, whom should we find by his bed but Faisal trying to cheer him in all the ways he can. He has won the students with his personal services.

In fact Faisal's popularity depends on his own qualities. He is the hero of the school on account of the spirit of sacrifice. His wonderful power to do things thoroughly will make him a great man.

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