Democracy in Pakistan

English Essay on "Democracy in Pakistan"

The idea of basic democracy promote the system of representative government that is best suited to the culture and genius of our people. It takes due recognition of the principle that ultimately the people are sovereign and the best possible way to cater to their want is to associate them, one way or the other with the process of authority. It is not possible for the people also as a whole to arrive at joint decisions on day-to-day problems. The only way is to sleet a few individuals to represent large groups. The process of choosing must be such that it results in the selection of individuals who an correctly estimate effectively interpret and honestly protect the interest of those whom they represent.

In Pakistan, our country more than 85% of our people live in villages. An average villager is able to see the village as the attention of his which is more than a reality to him. The management of the affair of the village is something in which he can recognize his own self interest. He can understand very well that the betterment and welfare of the village in his own welfare, because he lives in the free atmosphere of the village.

On the other hand the 15% of our people who live in the cities nearby towns are treated in entirely different way. In order to have a uniform system of choosing all over the countries ought to be applied to all. That pattern is in no sense unstable for necessities in fact there is very possibility that it may be more suitable than any other alternative.(9essay.com) A city can be broken up for that purpose into population units of the same size as of villages and the same procedure in then be employed.

Democracy is acknowledge of representative government cannot be reduced to a cut and definition for its final stage has yet to come. However our representatives have reached the assemblies and the 1973 Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is now not under any suspension, we hope them to remain sincere to their people, their land their religion. More than hundred and forty million people are looking for the bright future by trusting their representatives. They should look upon democracy as a classless society, which is based upon justice and equality. In short, it must be a unique blend of co-operation, organization and co-ordination.

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