Life In A Pakistani Village

English Essay on "Life In A Pakistani Village"

"Come forth into the light of things,
Let nature be your teacher."

Nature is in its full course and bloom in a village. This is a place where (in the words of George Eliot) all the artificial covering of life is stripped away and we are all one with each other in simple mortal needs. We can find peace and quietude of mind in the real sense.

Someone has rightly said, 'God made the country, man made the town.' The life of a townsman is full of artificiality and vanity. Talk to him on his off-day and he will disclose his real self to you. When you take him into your confidence he will let you know that he is tired of his life. The hustle and bustle, the fashions, the congestion and the speedy traffic have all made him neurotic a psychic case. The purely commercial morality and business mentality is tending to make the townsfolk callous, selfish and inhuman. There is nothing but money, nothing but profit, nothing but bargain.

On the other hand in a village the life is simple which brings man, God and nature in close touch with each other. A town in Pakistan reads Dawn when he first gets up in the morning but a villager will recite some verses from the Holy Quran after his morning prayers. A town looks up to the gigantic machines. for the fulfillment of his day-to-day requirements whereas a villager looks up to God for his successful harvests. This makes the villager a God-fearing man.

In almost all the villages life is nearly the same. There may be some difference of dialects or certain customs but that is negligible. Tall muscular and well-built villager is hard working, tough and fearless but generally humble, considerate and hospitable by nature.

Work begins very early, even before the aurora light, when the farmer moves to his field with a pair of oxen after his morning prayers. He ploughs a large tract of his land when the sun peeps through the horizon. Then he takes his simple breakfast and attends to his cattle. After his siesta he again works in his fields and looks after his cattle which are his real wealth. Late in the evening he returns home.

The people in a village, are busy through-out the year. You go to him and you will find that he is busy in sloughing the fields, in sowing the seed, in watering his crops, in weeding, in reaping the harvest, in grazing the cattle and other tough jobs of the similar nature.

There are some problems in this life.(9essay.com) The major of these problems is that there is no education. Secondly the people are superstitious; especially the women are more superstitious than men. Thirdly there is no medical aid, fourthly most of the villages are far off and have scanty means of communication and transport. Lastly the villagers spend a lot of their precious time and energy and hard earned money on litigation.

But there is no need to be disappointed at this situation because the enlightened village-folk and the Government have realized the importance of solving these problems. With the system of Basic Democracies the life in a village has entered a new era. A new determination is visible in this connection.

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