Problems of Karachi City

English Essay on "Problems of Karachi City"

Karachi is the center of trade and economic activities, in past, it was regarded as the city of light as it was bright and glittering. The roads were washed every day in the evening and the lamp post were there to light every place. This all seems too fascinating and mad man’s dream at present, for Today’s Karachi is the opposite of what we heard of it from our parents. The Karachi 1 we find today is full of problems. Sewerage problem is the most severe problem of the day. The roads are usually blocked because of chock sewerage lines. These lines were meant for a small group’s need, but with the expansion of population, they obviously proved to be insufficient. The government solves individual sewerage problems on adhoc basis so the result is quite disappointing. The line which is fixed today chocks after few days and therefore, the dirty water is seen standing everywhere and causes several diseases. Another severe problem is the shortage of drinking water. Water is the basic need of every society;

Karachi has long been suffering the shortage of water and people are left on the mercy of Tankers. The connections that were earlier taken at home usually release air or if water comes, it stays for wink of an eye.(9essay.com) The most pathetic thing is that some time sewerage water mixes with the drinking water and Spoils the stored water of the people. The problem is not over at this stage and as soon as summer arrives, it brings with it the load shading. The former city of light is now called the city of darkness. The unannounced and constant power failure hits everyone equally. The hospitals Factories, institutions and houses suffer badly and the usual work of life freezes. The irony is that complaints are not heard or if something is done to restore power; it proves to be short lived. In short we can say that problems of Karachi are numerous, and people are suffering and looking for a reformer to step forward m order to solve these problem.

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