The Role of Media

English Essay on "The Role of Media"

The role of media in any society has to be positive in many ways. Media is the major source of exposure of the events and activities in a society, for example events, unethical things, bomb blasts, road accidents, business, street crimes, special cases, entertainment, sports and everyday problems a individual faces in life. It is really important to have awareness about our surroundings and media, like TV, Newspapers Radio, Internet and other media developments in recent years in Pakistan have changed the information usage and consumption patterns helps us do that. Media’s people must report and present these events to the audiences in time. The priority of the news items is determined by media outlets and media people. Media also remind us which issue is to be the ‘prime issue’ of the day among dozens of ongoing issues.

Media plays an important role in the grooming of our society. Its significance cannot be denied. It is the fast effecting medium of transferring information and awareness about old, current and new things to a society. It includes both electronic and print media. Let us discuss some of the major roles and responsibilities of media fulfills and what should be its role and responsibilities towards a society. Now telling programs are on air and these revealing programs enhance statesman knowledge of topical peoples. The most primal bright view of Media is that now they are optimal communicator of melody for localized peoples. They furnish optimal level for all types of peoples when they are discharged. In squab by with improvements in media they are more trenchant and helpful for all age of peoples.

Televised news is the most powerful medium today, especially in Pakistan where the literacy rate is extremely low. Due to impact of TV channels, the people are more informed.(9essay.com) The electronic media, along with the print media, often criticize the government for going against the spirit of the constitution, violating democratic traditions and being unaccountable to the public at large for inflation, unemployment, poverty, deterioration of the law and order situation and highhandedness against opposition.

It can be used as a motivational force to bring consensus on vital issues like education and health. The truth is that the significance of the media as a medium of interconnectedness of human affairs cannot be undermined in an age of rapid globalization. A free media that works conscientiously can serve as the collective conscience at the national and international level. This, however, is often easier said than done.

The reporter or journalist is after all human and endowed with biases and in some cases prejudices and as with all power bases the media too is vulnerable to the corruption of the absolute power. There will always be those in their ranks who can be bought with cash or perks or promises of paradise.

At the end, media can facilitate stabilize and strengthen the country by playing educational and informative role and by imparting knowledge to the masses as knowledge is power and only a well-informed society can develop a positive approach towards life.

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