The Value of Discipline

English Essay on "The Value of Discipline"

Discipline means order, arrangement organization. If we do a work systematically, we are said to have done it in a disciplined manner. If we behave in accordance with the rules of conduct, our behaviour is disciplined.

The importance of discipline is very obvious. The universe a tiny part of which we inhabit is a perfectly disciplined, universe. The harmonious existence of Countless heavenly bodies, the motion of planets the coming of day and night on the earth are well disciplined. The result is peace and harmony. This means that if we, the dwellers of earth, desire peace and harmony, we must systematize our lives. This is the only way by which we can adjust ourselves to the universe.

Men live in society. If everybody is allowed to do whatever he likes, without caring for the will and feelings of others, anarchy’s would take place. Human beings have recognized this fact voluntarily, imposing upon themselves discipline of many kinds. They organize themselves practically. They firm governments to manage their affairs.(9essay.com) They devise methods to run and control their economy and so on. Legislatures make laws for the people executive bodies ensure the implementation of the laws and judiciaries take disciplinary measures against law-breakers. This brings out the importance of discipline in social life.

Discipline is necessary to a good individual life as well. A man who lets his passions loose, or his ideas roam idly, is doing no service either to himself or to Society. If he cannot discipline his mind and character, he is a failure both from personal and society’s point of view. His unbecoming attitude will land him in troubles and miseries. Religions differ on many issues. But they agree on one point in bringing human life under discipline. All reformers, prophets or thinkers have strived to this end. The purpose of all education given to man, from the earliest days to modern times, has been the same. Adam and Eve were expelled from heaven because they broke discipline. Satan was condemned for the same reason. When Socrates said ‘Man, know thyself, he meant that men should discipline their lives. In fact, discipline is the one feature which distinguishes men from animals. When we call man a rational animal, we mean he is a disciplined being. In short, whether it is civil or military life, whether it is the field of business or games, the importance of discipline is always there.

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