Trip To A Hill Station (Ziarat)

English Essay on "Trip To A Hill Station (Ziarat)"

When the college closed for the summer vacation last year we made a programmed to have a trip to some hill station. Pakistan is a land where one can enjoy oneself in summer. There are many beautiful summer resorts and valleys where one can take shelter from the grueling heats of the plains.

Most of the members of our family had been to Murree, Abbotabad, Kaghan and Swat but none had ever seen Ziarat. It was, therefore, decided that we should go to Ziarat. The preparations began and all the members of our family were ready within a week.

We reached Quetta. This is also a hill station situated at a height of about 5500 feet above sea-level. The climate is very enjoyable in summer. Quetta is a land of gardens where you can have every type of fruit in abundance. But Quetta was, in fact, not our destination. We stayed for a couple of days in Quetta enjoying its peculiar beauty and making enquiries about Ziarat.

Ziarat is a beautiful hill-station situated at a distance of 72 miles from Quetta. Its height it is about 8000 feet above sea level. A medaled road leads windingly through hills, groves, valleys and orchards.

We hired a taxi and left Quetta early in the morning and reached Ziarat after about four hours' drive. The car stopped in front of a beautiful restaurant where we took rest for some time and refreshed ourselves with tea and biscuits. Then we contacted the proprietor of the restaurant whether we could have some accommodation. He told us that there were two or three inns where we could have serai-type accommodation. We went to have a look at those inns.(9essay.com) The rooms were available and the rates were economic, no doubt, but we decided to contact the civil authorities, because we were told that some official building can be taken on rent. We went to the office of the Political Agent and requested the clerk concerned to let us have some lodging for a week.' The clerk (his official designation was the Ziarat Clerk) was kind to let us have a bungalow which was spacious enough to accommodate us all.

In the bungalow we set ourselves, took our food and then started to survey the place and .its surroundings. Ziarat is a very small place with a population of about twenty thousands. Most of the people are the Government servants. There are about hundred shops, a hospital, a police station and a high school. Unlike Murree and Abbotabad the place gives a look of quietude and peace-no hustle and bustle, no vanity and last of all no show of bourgeoisie and aristocracy. Here you can enjoy peace and calm of nature 'far from the madding crowd' There is no noise, cries,' laughter, hooting and molestation but perfect silence, Here is a manifestation of Nature where you could find 'tongues in trees, and books in the running brooks'. There are a number of offices, official quarters and some private houses. The most remarkable of all the buildings is the’ Residency' where our Quaid-e-Azam used to stay during the summer. The Quaid-e-Azam spent his last days in that Residency from where he left for Karachi to die there and never to return to his favorite summer resort.

We went up and down the hills and the valleys and enjoyed the beautiful greenery, the springs, the brooks, the, forests, the trees and all that the nature could afford. We visited the tomb of a great hermit known as the 'Mazar Baba Kharwari' as a place where one can get heavenly blessings.

After about a week's stay we came back again to the same scorching heat of Lahore but the bliss and peace that we had at Ziarat is still alive in our minds-that was indeed 'a joy for ever'.

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