A Holiday I Will Never Forget

English Essay on "A Holiday I Will Never Forget"

A holiday in the life of a student is always of utmost importance. Besides the enjoyment of the particular holiday we have a sensation of getting it. This sensation crosses the limits of time and begins a day or two earlier than the holiday itself. I am going to describe a holiday which is indeed unforgettable. The holiday dawned amidst a lot of sensation and hopes for the best type of recreation but ended in the most unpleasant experience of my life.

It was the month of June. The weather was' extremely scorching and we made a programmed to go for a dip in the river. I started with my father and some other members of my family. The party included two cousins of mine Zamir and Latif. As is usual with the picnics, we had arranged to take a large quantity and variety of eatables.

We started early in the morning nearly an hour before sunrise. On reaching the river we hired a boat and rowed up stream. The water was calm and boating gave us immense pleasure. The morning breeze, the calm water stealing softly along the grassy borders, the beauty of the rising sun and quietude of the atmosphere were really very enjoyable features of the picnic. We did not row straight. We stopped here and there, sometimes at the right bank and sometimes at the left. We landed and went under the bowers and groves and enjoyed the vernal wood and the music of the birds which sang with rapturous delight.

We were all in a sportive mood and on the bank we played and tickled jokes on one another. When the boat moved we splashed water at one another and laughed heartily. This was the most delightful part of our outing. The uproarious laughter, the smiles and the jokes were the highlights of our excursion. This made us forget all the worries and cares of the world and we felt as if we were leading a blissful life.(9essay.com) The soothing atmosphere around us added to the magic of our sports. Mr. lamir and Dr Latif, my two cousins, were very interesting members of our party. They were the real fountain-spring pleasure. Sometimes they amused us with comic remarks, gestures and awry looks and sometimes with their songs.

At the ford we stopped and decided to have a swim. We thought that swimming will add more delight to our programmed and little knew the trouble that lay ahead. Those who did not know how to swim either sat -on the bank or dipped in the water where it was only knee-deep. Dr. Latif was a good swimmer. He swam for a long time and enjoyed the activity with other swimmers. Then he asked me to go with him in the main stream. I told that I was not a good swimmer hilt he insisted and promised me to teach a bit of more swimming. I accompanied him. We swam for some distance but later on I lost confidence and caught Dr. Latif tried to save me but my grip was so strong that he himself became helpless and was unable to move his hands or feet.

Now the situation became serious. Mr. Zamir and my father rushed to save us. Unfortunately Mr. Zamir also lost his 'self-control and began to drown. Then my father began to move. All of a sudden he stopped and cried aloud to the others for help. There were some shepherds grazing their cattle. They, too, rushed to save us.

When my father reached us my grip had become loose and Dr. Latif was then free to move. I and Mr Zamir had become unconscious and were drowning. My father brought Dr. Latif out of water. He had regained his self-control. Both of them pushed the boat and came to the spot where we were gradually going down. They pulled us out and brought to the bank. First-aid was rendered to us and we regained consciousness after a few moments of suspense.

This put an end to all of our merriments. Nobody liked to stay there. The water became frightful and all the holidaymakers were extremely horrified. Without proceeding further in our schedule we decided to discontinue and to go back. No one even thought of taking the refreshment.

We then returned but in a very different mood. The comic remarks, the jokes, the laughter, the excitement and thrill had all vanished. Our hearts were heavy and even to this day my heart shudders with a terrible sensation when I recollect the memory of that event. This holiday, indeed, I will never forget.

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