All Pakistan Women Association (APWA)

English Essay on "All Pakistan Women Association (APWA)"

APWA it an organization of Pakistani women. It is abbreviated form of All Pakistan Women Association. Indo-Pak sub-continent had been under the British domination. The British had their own interests and they little cared for the welfare Of the people. But after independence we, as Pakistanis, thought of the common welfare and prosperity. It is an admitted fact that no nation can progress in the real sense of the term without the education and training of women. It is the woman who has very important role to perform in a society. She is not only to produce the child but also to bring him up and to contribute a lot to the development of his character.

"Child" as it is commonly known "is the father of man". This tells us that the women have to perform very heavy responsibility in the making of a nation. Keeping in view these facts APWA was instituted immediately after Pakistan came into existence. The main aim of this institution is to enable the womenfolk to progress by creating consciousness in them and by enlightening their minds. This awareness will further help them solve their difficulties and play their role properly in Pakistan.

From the time APWA was formed to the present day this association has been trying to do its duty. It was organized on All Pakistan basis with two Provincial Headquarters, one in each wing of Pakistan. Then there are branches, division-wise, one in each division and sub-offices in almost every district.

Although its membership is open to all women of Pakistan, very few women are its members. Most of the women members are inactive and it is apprehended that APWA is not going ahead with the desired speed and enthusiasm.

It will, of course, be sheer injustice to ignore the service that the APWA has been rendering to the country. As the very nomenclature (All Pakistan Women Association) implies, its scope is unlimited. It can take up all those things which are concerned with various aspects of the life of women. One or two colleges for women and some girl’s schools have been instituted to remove literacy and to promote knowledge and culture among the women. Moreover some dispensaries, generally known as Maternity Centers, have been opened. These centers provide the women with medical and, particularly concerning their maternity, and give them useful j advice.(9essay.com) Besides these there are some APWA clubs to cultivate social and civic sense, to promote fellow feelings and create better understanding among the women from various parts of the country and strata of society.

This is all good and commendable but that is not activities and project of APWA are confined to the cities and big towns. Those at the helm of affairs in this association have been totally ignoring the villages and small towns. The women in cities and big towns have approach to education, medical aid and other cultural and social activities. There are many schools, colleges and dispensaries for women in cities. But in villages almost cent percent women are illiterate and superstitious to the extent of foolishness. Is the APWA wants to fulfill its mission and follow its ideal in true spirit it should turn its attention seriously to serve the womenfolk in villages. This job will, no doubt, be tough and burdensome but it will be, in reality, far more useful than their superficial fashion and variety shows and ,Meena Bazar'. And that will, indeed, be the real service of Pakistan.

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