Cultural Delegations and Good-Will Missions

English Essay on "Cultural Delegations And Good-Will Missions"

The earth which was considered to be infinite in olden days has now shrunk before the modern means of transport and communication. These means have brought about a great change in the international politics. Science afforded man a lot of power in the first half of this century. This power was used for destructive purpose and the mankind faced the horrors of the two World Wars within this short span of time.

After the Second World War the nations realized the importance of mutual understanding. It was felt that the political differences and problems should be solved not by use of force, but by reconciliation. For this purpose it was essential that the nations as well as the individuals should understand one another. Cultural delegations and good-will missions from one country to another can be very helpful in creating mutual harmony.

In these days of scientific outlook we appreciate that it is impossible to bring all the human beings to our way of thinking. These are currents and cross-currents in our belief there are contradictory views, political and religious, prevailing in human society there is an immense variety of opinions, habits and customs all over the world, we go to the foreign countries or we see the foreigners in our own country or we read about them. We are surprised, sometimes even shocked, to know their strange way of life and their political and religious views which are quite opposite to ours. In this way the foreigners appear to be strange and even ridiculous and we are likely to develop some distaste or hatred for them.

But this attitude of hatred will be unhealthy. It will add to human misery and discomfort. It will confuse our problems instead of solving them.

Now the question arises as to which is that healthy attitude which can prevent this morbid tendency of unnecessarily disliking others the answer is easy, of course. There are only two ways of solving this problem. Either we bring the entire mankind round to our way of life and thought or we tolerate the differences with an idea of live and let live. The former course was adopted which resulted in the two World Wars. The situation• remained unchanged, on the contrary bitterness increased all the more. We have been left with the latter course only.

The only reasonable and scientific course left for us is to be broad-minded regarding the difference, to understand the others and to develop sympathetic outlook for them. In this respect the cultural delegations and goodwill missions can play very important role. Both represent the different aspects of life of their country. Cultural delegations represent the cultural and social side of their life.(9essay.com) Apparently such delegations have nothing to do with the political affairs but in reality they pave the way for a better political understanding. We begin to understand and appreciate their cultural and social life, and we mentally adjust ourselves to their way of life, their habits, their traditions, their dress and other• modes of daily life. In spite of ridicules city in their outward life our hearts are warm towards them because we realize that there are many things common. Their feelings, their ideas of right and wrong, are just like ours. So inwardly they are like us. They are our brethren. The mutual understanding and under-current of sympathy indirectly enables both the peoples to resolve political differences and adopt an attitude of co-operation.

The good-will mission as the very term indicates, is to promote fellow-feelings and to create friendly atmosphere 'Claw me I'll claw thee', is a famous proverb. When we wish good-luck to others, naturally they will do the same to us. Such an atmosphere will be highly congenial to the closer good ties and better relationship between, two nations, the good-will missions bring the feelings of sympathy to us and get the same from us in return.

In short cultural delegations and good-will missions are the real embassy. They broaden our outlook and help a lot to strengthen the human bond by senses of sympathy, harmony, unity and fraternity.

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