Students Unrest In Pakistan

English Essay on "Students Unrest In Pakistan"

There is a lot of unrest in the student community in Pakistan and we witness certain signs and symptoms of this unrest every year. Sometimes the problems become acute and the students resort to strikes and other violent means. This results in serious clashes between the police and the students.

The students are an organized community. If a trouble arises at a certain place the students quit the books, the class rooms and the examination centers. It, unfortunately, the college or school authorities fail to control the students the situation grows intense and the restlessness spreads to other educational institutions where, again, the students quit the college or school, deliver fiery speeches, take processions, shout slogans and in this way the unhappy story is repeated.

The causes of this unrest may be various-local or general. The demands of the students may be genuine or unending their grievances may be desirable or undesirable, and their violence may be justified or unjustified. There is one thing which lies at the bottom and which is root cause of every problem. That is, lack of understanding between the teacher and his students.

It is evident that the minds of our young students are not as matured as those of grown-up people. There is every likelihood that the students may either misjudge the situation themselves or may be exploited or misguided. But evidently there is one thing which is quite evident.(9essay.com) That is, the students come with the only aim of acquiring knowledge and guidance from their teachers. There is nothing wrong with their intentions and aims. Their minds at the stage of adolescence are extremely delicate (in fact mind of man is always delicate and requires very careful handling). The students are not at all to be blamed if the teacher fails either to appreciate their difficulties or to solve their problems or to deal-with their affairs sympathetically.

The relation of the teacher and the taught is not that of a high-handed police officer and a criminal. It is, in fact, a close contact between two responsible and respectable men who are to work harmoniously with the same mission. The teacher should be directed by the idea that he is to look for the betterment and welfare of his pupils, that he is to promote good sense in his pupils and that he is to infuse in them certain moral and social values.

Keeping in view this state of affairs the responsibility of the teacher becomes twofold. Example is better than precept' goes the saying. If the teacher expects his pupils to be punctual it is his first and foremost duty to be punctual himself. If the teacher wants to inculcate the sense of duty in his class he is expected to be highly dutiful himself. If the teacher fails to practice the virtues, all his lectures, moral precepts and discourses will be of no effect.

Lastly there is a piece of advice to the young students. It is the duty of the student to keep before him the only mission of his life. He comes simply for the acquisition of knowledge. So he should refrain from such activities that drive him away from his real goal He should avoid the 'pseudo friends and sympathizers' who divert his attention. There are lawful and constitutional means to achieve one's purpose. The students should try to solve their problems by peaceful means in a spirit of patience, tolerance and mutual trust. If a student takes upon himself to gain his purpose by force and violence, good bye to peace and happiness, good bye to the sacred task of learning. Strike and sabotage can aggravate the situation, can increase problems but they can in no way be helpful.

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