The Day I Was Really Happy

English Essay on "The Day I Was Really Happy"

Last year my birthday was celebrated amidst immense rejoicings. As far as my memory goes my birthday is being celebrated for the last ten years. But last year the pleasure was far more intense than that of the previous years. It was the second of September, 2005 when the happiest day of my life dawned.

I am the only child of my parents. So the parents and other relations of mine treat me with a lot of affection and regard. The preparations began a week earlier. My father was particularly happy because this was the year when I passed my B.A. Examination. My result was declared on the 23rd of August, 2005. I topped my college and was placed in the first division. My father liked to celebrate my success but as there were only ten days left to my birthday the celebrations were postponed.

My father made preparations well before time. Nearly all of the near relatives were invited to the dinner. A large 'Shamiana' was set up in our lawn. The entire house was profusely decorated. The Shamiana was especially very colorful. It was so arranged as to accommodate about one hundred guests. An enclosure was set up especially for ladies.

In the evening the guests began to arrive. Most of the relatives who were to come from other places had arrived earlier. Those who could not come had sent either messages of congratulations or their gifts. Most of the guests brought their birthday presents. I was very happy to receive the gifts. To me the happiness was two-fold. My success in my degree examination meant that I had considerably finished my educational career and was ready to enter the practical field of life. Then the success itself was very glorious as I stood first in my college.

I was the hero of the day and so had a prominent position in the party. My friends, guests, relatives all congratulated me, offered me their gifts, prayed for my future career and made enquiries from me regarding the detail of my examination and result I was profusely garlanded and talked to the people in a rapturous mood and thanked heartily for their best wishes and felicitations.

As I sat amidst a number of guests a very strange idea fitted across my mind. The idea saddened me and changed my mood. I thought that I was born of rich parents and so I had every economic facility to continue my studies in the most peaceful manner. Then, I thought that in aristocratic families, as mine was, the people take every privilege to afford to spend luxuriously on birthdays. I had the most cherish able position but, on account of my pensiveness. I was obliged to think of some of my c1ass fellows who were very poor and were they could be at that moment.

All of a sudden I thought of a friend of mine who was an orphan and was junior to me in college. He was one of the most brilliant students of his class. He told me just a few days back that he was going to discontinue his studies on account of stringent financial circumstances.

"I could be helpful to such talented students," I said to myself. Some money was given to me by some guests as a mark of good-well. I calculated that I had nearly two thousands rupees in my pocket. The dinner was about to begin. I took leave of my guests for a few minutes and rushed to the house of my friend~ He was not at home. He was away working in a cotton-mill as a part time clerk. I offered the amount to his mother 2nd advised her to allow her son to carry on with his studies, There were tears of joy in my eyes and no one can even imagine the deep sense of gratitude of the mother.

I came back to the rejoicings, to the garden party where the feast was going on, where the jokes were tickled, where the laughter could be heard. The people were all happy. I was also happy-very happy-really-happy. The people might have thought that I was happy because of my success in the examination or because it was my birthday. But that was wrong nobody knew why I was really happy.

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