The Place of Women In Our Society

English Essay on "The Place Of Women In Our Society"

Women have an important place in human society and they have to play a significant role in human progress. As is assumed by certain narrow-minded people woman can in no' way be inferior to man. She is his counterpart who is equally important and equally capable of sharing the responsibilities of life. According to Genesis, Lord God took one of the ribs of Adam and made it a woman and brought her unto Adam who said, "This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh." So woman is an inseparable part of man's life.

Her main function is procreation for which she makes every sacrifice. Then she nourishes the child and brings it up. The process is very important because the entire life depends upon and is associated with the way you bring up a child. It is well said, "Great .men have great mothers." There goes the story of an accomplished knave, who, at the time of his punishment wished to talk to his mother in her ear. The mother came to his prison cell and she brought her ear dose to his lips. The criminal, to the surprise of all the people, instead of whispering, tore her ear out of her head. "This woman," declared the criminal, "encouraged me when I committed theft for the first time."

The life, character and progress of an individual depends upon the way he or she is reared and educated depends upon the way he or she is reared and educated in the lap of his or her mother similarly the progress and civilization of a people depend upon the way the mothers bring up their children in that society. If the mothers are educated, cultured, enlightened there is no reason why the society should not be advanced, civilized and progressive. The education and training of women is the foundation stone upon which you can raise the entire social structure.

Let us take some concrete examples from the pages of history. In the early days of Islam the Muslims made rapid progress. The women worked side by side with the men and thus contributed equally towards the success and victory of the Muslim society.(9essay.com) Their contribution can in no way be inferior to and less than that of men. In the times of emergency and war the women helped a lot in maintaining discipline in the society. In the battlefield they nursed the injured soldiers, kept up the supplies and, in certain cases, even fought valiantly. They urged their men to join the war, sang epic and heroic songs; and in this way lifted up the morale of their society.

There are some old fashioned people who are of the opinion that women should not be educated. This viewpoint is retrogressive and hence unacceptable in the modern scientific age women must be educated and trained to share the responsibilities in their society. The enlightened women can understand the nature of their function and can perform their duties to the best of their efforts. If you want to remove superstition and eliminate illiteracy from your society educate your women and these evils will vanish. If you want to eradicate social evils, instill moral values in your women and your society will be reformed.

If we work in a planned manner we can train our women to serve the country efficiently than they do at present. There are certain spheres in which the women can perform their function easily and efficiently and so they can leave men free to do other tough jobs more usefully. For example women cannot be good architects, good engineers and good fighters. But they can be very successful as teachers, doctors, nurses, artists, painters, and designers.

This does not mean that a woman should abandon her duties as a wife or mother. Nay that is her primary duty. She should look to her domestic affairs and deal with them successfully. It is a morbid tendency to say that a woman should be relieved of her duties as a wife or mother. If this be admitted, goodbye to peace and prosperity of home life.

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