Being an Only Child

English Essay on "Being an Only Child"

You can attempt this essay with the help of your own observation of life. An only child in a family is different from other children in many ways. The attitude of parents having an only child is also different from that of the parents who have a number of children. The following hints can help you:-

  1. How are the children brought up? The problem of parents who have a large number of children.
  2. The position of the parents who have only one child. Their attitude--
  3. The only child-his position-his behaviour-his privileges
  4. The harms that the privileged position of the only child can do-some cautions in this regard

We have mixed and contradictory attitude towards the children. We take the children to be a heavenly blessing. As long as the parents do not have any child they are worried. The doctors and hakims are consulted and the blessings of certain ascetics are sought. But when we have a number of children we are worried all the more. The parents of low income group have to face a lot of financial difficulty in bringing up their children. In addition to this they are the source of headache in the family the parents. are mentally fussed about them. Then the children become undesirable.

But there is an exception to this that the position of an only child. An only child is the most desirable element in the house. He is considered as a mark of bliss-something divine and God sent. In the true and exact sense of the phrase the only much-needed member of his family. His mother is constantly at watch. In well-to-do families he is always looked after by a governess. The parents do not let him be away from their sight.

The importance of the only child is always on the increase. In the early days the parents may hope to get some other child but as the age advances this hope diminishes into disappointment. The only child becomes more and more valuable every day. The grand-parents are excessively fond of him. They cherish him with extreme love. Grandmother, especially, looks after him and takes extraordinary care for his comforts. In short, every step is taken to ensure that the child may be brought up in the most peaceful and luxuries atmosphere.

When the child grows he is sent to some school.(9essay.com) Generally some very up-to-date, well-equipped and progressive educational institution is selected for this purpose. He is constantly attended upon by one attendant or the other. The tutors are engaged for his special coaching.

In such an atmosphere the child enjoys a privileged position. He feels as if he were all in all in the family. All his needs and desires are fulfilled. Whatever he says is listened to with extreme care and attention. His mischiefs are taken with much delight and his wrongs are generally ignored.

If, unfortunately, he falls sick there is a. state of emergency in the house. The parents and grand-parents, regardless of their own comfort, tap every possible source to ensure his immediate and speedy recovery. The physicians and medicine pour quick succession.

There are certain dangers of such an extraordinary treatment. In some cases the only child becomes careless. When his weaknesses are ignored he does not want to remove them. So certain bad habits become a part and parcel of his character. Sometimes he is spoilt and when he grows up he becomes extravagant and impudent. As he is constantly attended to by one man or the other so he is likely to lose self confidence and may suffer difficulties or may even prove a failure in his practical life.

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