Electricity in the Service of Man

English Essay on "Electricity in the Service of Man"

The present age can be truly called the age of electricity as our daily life is in every way dependent on it. without it, life will be difficult and dis-comfortable. Since it has been tamed to serve us, it has changed our way of life and has provided us with comforts unknown to our fore fathers of the cave age.

In olden days they used oil lamps to provide dim tight in darkness. These lamps could be put out by gusts of wind or showers. But today electricity has enabled us to illuminate our houses, streets and even spaces deep down in mines. We can even make nights as bright as days and need not fear gusts of wind or showers.

Electricity has helped to shorten distances. Electric trains, and electric trams can cover distances in shortest possible time. Now it has been possible to take break fast in London and to eat supper at Karachi. Electricity has helped us to reach far off places in shortest possible time, which our forefather could not-have imagined of electricity has helped us to connect far off places to each other. We can now contact any person anywhere on phone and talk to him. Sitting in our drawing rooms, we can see and enjoy cricket matches, games and sports being held anywhere in the world by means of television- Radios, telephones, tele printers, televisions and fax work with the help of electricity and help us to communicate with others living in far off countries.

Electricity saves us labour. Elevators, and lifts save us the labour of ascending or descending heights. Calculators and computers help us to add, subtract, multiply or divide sums without using our brains. Electric fans save us the labour of fanning ourselves with common fans. Electric signals have saved traffic constable the labour to guide the traffic.

Electricity provides us with many comforts of life. Refrigerates cool our drinks and preserve food. Electric ovens cook for us. Electric heaters keep our houses warm during winter.(9essay.com) Electric washing machines wash our clothes and electric vacuum cleaners keep our houses tidy.

Electricity helps us to run heavy machines. It provides high temperature to make steel and runs machine that gin and weave, produce articles of daily use, make cars, buses and scooters, and manufactures thousands of things for our use. Without electricity it would have not been possible to run these machines at low cost.

In short without electricity life will become hard, inconvenient and uneasy. We have become so much dependent to the use of electricity that we cannot imagine to pass a day without it. The modern advancement has been made possible by electricity only. We call ourselves more civilized than our forefathers only because the use of electricity has taken us long towards civilization.

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