My First Day at School

English Essay on "My First Day at School"

Years have since elapsed but I still remember the thrill and excitement I experienced on the first day in my school. I was a boy of five years then and was being taught elementary books by my father. One night my father asked me to be ready to go to school next day.

Excitement mingled with unknown fear did not let me sleep soundly that night in the morning my mother made me ready to accompany my father to the school. As I reached the school, I was awe struck to see the grand building, the vast playground and a multitude of boys of all ages. Some of them were busy in talking, some were playing and some were standing with their guardians.

After the school bell rang most of the boys walked to their respective classes. My father took me to the school office where he talked to an elderly man, who handed him and over a form.

My father filled the form and then took me to the different teachers who tested my knowledge in English and Arithmetic etc. After the test my father took me to my class teacher who asked my father to pay dues and asked me to sit in a chair in the classroom.

I sat there silently. A boy of my age who was silting just next to me asked me my name. We talked different things till the recess bell rang. We rushed out of the classroom amid went to the playground. We stood there and saw boys playing but we did not participate.

After half an hour, the bell rang again and I walked into my classroom with my new friend.(9essay.com) The teacher had not arrived as yet and all the boys present there were talking loudly. Soon the class teacher entered the classroom, and it became all silent. He sat in his chair and asked everyone to tell him his name.

After introduction he dismissed the class asking us to come next day in uniform with books and copies. We came out of the class. Out side the school my father was waiting for me and with him I came back to my house.

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