My Last Day at the School

English Essay on "My Last Day at the School"

It was my last day at my beloved school. I was sad and melan-cholic that day. The very idea that I was going to be separated from my beloved school, the loving teachers and sincere friends pained me. It pinched me to think that from next day I would not be in d position to roam about lucre, sit under the shady neem tree standing in the courtyard and gossip with my friends.

As I reached the school gate, tears came to my eyes. The school building, the playground, the trees in the school courtyard, the class room and even the school library seemed to whisper to me how they would miss me. As I approached, the neem tree in the courtyard under which I used to sit with my friends talking and laughing, appeared to me to be grieved at my breaking the long association with it. One by one the past incidents associated with school hashed in my mind and pained me.

I entered my classroom. My friends were present there and were talking. Soon the school bell rang and my class teacher entered the room. He too was pained to say us good bye. He wished us good luck and expected us to be prosperous in our days to come. He then handed our admit cards over to us and departed with sad eyes.

Then we went to the school hail. A farewell party was arranged by the boys of class IX. The hail was well decorated with flowers, leaves of trees and small flags. Some of the students were already there. We sat down in the chairs and talked to each other about the coming examination. Soon the Head Master and all the teachers arrived there and the function began.

At first our monitor stood up and thanked the teachers and the Head Master on our behalf for the love and concern they had shown during our stay at the school. Then our class teacher addressed us and told us that if he or other teachers were occasionally harsh to us that was only for our benefit. Then our Head Master stood up and w[shed us good luck in our future.(9essay.com) After the address of the Head Master, we were entertained with sweets and tea. We returned home with sad hearts at the idea of leaving the school, the teachers and the happy school life forever. We knew that in this world people meet to part and things come in our life to leave.

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