Science A Blessing or Curse

English Essay on "Science A Blessing Or Curse"

Some great philosopher has remarked that nothing is good or bad by nature in itself but it is its use that renders it so. This vise remark conforms to science also. The knowledge science places at our hands is innocent and harm less but the way we use this knowledge makes science a blessing or a Curse,

The knowledge provided to us by science has gone to a great extent to make life comfortable and easy. It has placed at our disposal devices, appliances and equipments that help us in our daily life Electric appliances like heaters, ovens, hearths, refrigerators, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, fans, air conditioners and other such things have made life comfortable and easier.

There are inventions to save us labour. Car, buses, motor cycle, trains, aero planes, lifts, elevators and other inventions have made travelling and movements cheaper, less time consuming and less tiring. They also save us labour and physical exertions.

Invention of machines has made mass production possible which enables to produce cheaper, well finished and durable articles of use that our forefathers had no even dreamt of. Due to mass production articles are produced in abundance so that they are available to every man. Now varieties of an art in shape colour and material are available. These articles of daily consumption have made our life more comfortable.

Advancement in the fields of medicines and surgery have prolonged life and curtailed sufferings. No devices such as X-ray, ultra sound, screening, new appliances for gastro copy, colonoscopy, etc., and the use of radioactive substances for correct diagnosis have made it possible to detect diseases at the inception and treat them.

New drugs have also come to our help. Antibiotics have minimized the risk of death caused by bacteria and other fatal micro organisms. Analgesics and anesthetics have controlled pain, anxiolytics and stimulants have eliminated anxieties and depression beta blockers have controlled hypertension and hydrocortisones have helped control incurable diseases like Parkinson disease.

What have been so far said are the benefits of science which have made it a boon and a blessing for man. But if we take into consideration the havocs it has so far brought about and the devastations it is expected to cause, science and its inventions will appear to us black curses. Let us take nuclear energy for instance. It can be tamed to do us service but it can also bring hell on earth. During the second world war, Americans used it in the form of atomic bombs to devastate to thriving Japanese cities namely Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The bombs exterminated the two cities. A few residents who survived succumbed to the carcinoma of various organs later.

More dangerous devices such as hydrogen bombs and neutron bombs have since been developed and will bring more disaster when used. These bombs are expected to exterminate life from the surface of the earth.

Nuclear tests are being carried out by advanced nations and the nuclear fall out, which results from these tests, are bringing death to the innocent helpless people of the regions where these selfish and heartless nations are carrying out these tests.

Various types of bombs, booby traps, mines, rockets, missiles have since been developed, various poisonous gases have been produced to be used in gas war-fare and various fatal viruses and germs have been ear marked to be used in germ war-fare in future. Will not science become a curse, when these fatal weapons are used?

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