The Television

English Essay on "The Television"

One of the wonders of science, the television has become popular throughout the world soon after its invention. It has made it possible to see programmers being telecast in any part of the world.

The radio makes it possible to hear a person speaking from a far off corner of the world but the television goes farther and enables us to see the movements and action of the person also. This characteristic makes the television more popular.

The first idea of television came into the mind of Paul Nepkow. He thought of breaking a picture into small fragments of light and shade. The idea appealed to many scientist in 1926, John Lovis Baird of Scotland invented television. Since then, a great number of scientists and engineers have contributed to its improvement.

The device used in a television system to convert the optical images from a lens into electric signals consists of an optical lens system, camera tube and preamplifier. The electric signals are transmitted and reconverted into pictures on the screen of a cathode ray tube in the receiver.

In colour television a composite signal is produced by the three video outputs from camera tubes, each of which is sensitive to red, blue or green light. The receiver contains a color decoder which extracts the video information for each color and a colored image is produced.

Television waves are infra red waves. The problem with the television waves is that they do not bend with the curvature of the earth and as such cannot reach far by themselves. To solve this problem, boosters are erected at various place in a country to enable the television waves to travel farther. Satellites are now also used to help television to be seen in far off countries.

Television is one of the most important means of communication in modem time. It tele-casts speeches, dramas, news, proceedings of conferences and meetings, interviews, market reports, comments, weather forecasts, music, dances and such other things. We do not only hear the voice of the person televised but also see his actions, movements and gestures.

The television programmers may be used to serve many purposes, such as to educate people, to give them information, to provide them with entertainment, to make propaganda or to help form public opinion. But mostly the television serves as a great entertainer. People pass their leisure or make it interesting by seeing dances, dramas, games, sports or listening to songs and music. Different television stations telecast their programmers at different frequencies and only by switching on to the appropriate frequency one can enjoy the programmers of different stations and countries. Now it is possible to see the games and sports being held in far off countries and enjoy them.

The television is also used to educate people. Some universities take the help of the television to impart knowledge to their students, since audio-visual aid leaves a lingering impression on the viewer and helps students to grasp the materials more vividly and to remember them longer.(9essay.com) In foreign countries educational institutions use this device in the class rooms to make their educative programmers interesting and appealing.

Some governments take the help of the television for their propaganda or for the formation of public opinion on any important issue. The propaganda helps governments to hide their in-efficiency, mistakes, corruption and to defame their opponents. These tactics are generally practiced in under developed countries.

The television has its hazards and disadvantages also, Electrons emitted out of the television sets are apt to cause cancer. That is why doctors advise the viewers to sit at a distance of at least eleven feet from the sets to minimize the risk. it also causes, myopia cataracts and degenerates optic nerve. So viewing television programmers too much may put us to dangers, and risks.

The television programmers also go far to effect morality and character. The violence and the crimes shown in the television dramas spur Juvenile delinquency. The immoral programmers of western countries have increased the tendency to commit sex crimes and to spread immorality among the young generation. The conception of chastity is giving way to the conception of free sex, which is the hallmark of western civilization.

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