The Use and Misuse of Transistors

English Essay on "The Use And Misuse of Transistors"

Transistors have become very common in our country. They have become one of the most favorite entertainments of our people. Entertainment, of course, is the birth-right of every human individual. It takes away the monotony of our life, fills it with pleasure and as a consequence gives us fresh enjoy. This is the process which enables us to repair the damage done to use by the ravages of misfortune. We are prepared to face the difficulties of life with renewed vigour and confidence. Transistor is a means which affords us this opportunity.

Transistors have become very popular and are speedily replacing the 'old, fashioned' radio-sets worked by electricity. They are available in every size, in every design, in every colour and in every form. There are transistors as large as the usual big radio-sets of 'old days' and as small as the pocket edition of a dictionary. You can conveniently switch it on, put in the pocket of your shirt and enjoy it to your heart's content. There are transistors of the size of a lady's hand-bag or purse, conveniently portable.

You can come across transistors in every nook and corner. Wherever you go and whenever you go, you can find the people with transistors. Inside the house almost every member of the family likes to have his own set because of diversity of tastes, temperaments and idiosyncrasies. One likes to listen to the film songs and the other wants to enjoy the radio-play. The third member of the family would like some serious features. Then there is difference of opinion about the stations. One likes to tune one's transistor on to the Quetta Radio Station because of some particular announcer whom one likes and the other wishes’ to enjoy the Lahore station,

When you move out of doors the first passer-by that you meet at the corner of your street will be seen with a transistor hanging by his shoulder. You move on, Hark some tunes of a popular song are coming out of the pocket of that old man. No need to be surprised there is a transistor in his pocket. La! Across the road there is a college student with a medium-size transistor arranged between couples of books. He is enjoying some classical music.(9essay.com) Then you meet a group of villagers coming back from the city courts, Their transistor is switched on to some Punjabi folk-song. A motor car stops at the petrol pump. The driver comes out of his seat and asks for a gallon of fuel meanwhile the other travellers are absorbed in the transistor lying at the back of their cushioned seat. You can see a carter driving home, a mason laying bricks, a fruit-seller or a stationer at his shop, a picnicker in the corner of a wood, a traveller by the roadside, a passenger at the railway platform or in the waiting-room, all with transistors.

As already indicated it is the right of every individual to have some entertainment according to his taste and need. But this is sheer injustice to enforce that entertainment on others. If you carry the playing transistor when you walk by the road it is likely to distract the other passers-by. This may cause traffic accidents. The song of the transistor lying at a side of the bus driver may sweep him away. This state of self-forgetfulness may, as a result, lead him to collision.

This is highly uncivil on the part of any lover of music to impose his songs on his neighbor who may be a student preparing for his annual examination or who is ailing and wants some rest according to the advice of his doctor. It shall take long to create civic sense in the people and till that time all such people who are in a position to purchase transistors have every right to, tax your nerves.

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