Misuse of Science Technology

English Essay on "Misuse of Science Technology"

Some of the scientific inventions are so horrific, hideous and terrific that one shudders to even think of them. These inventions have been necessitated by the economic rivalry and emulous competition among nations. Each of the scientifically advanced nations is experimenting to develop weapons to exterminate the others.

Weapons have always brought about death. Our fore fathers also used weapons but their weapons, were not so much horrible as the weapons of to day. Advancement in science has always helped man to invent more and more destructive weapons. With the advent of gun powder the weapons became more and more horrible day by day. Guns, canon, machine guns, and other automatic weapons were invented to destroy life and property.

Aeroplanes were invented to help people to go from one place to another but some war mongers, thought of using them in war. Fighters and bombers were developed to bomb cities and kill those innocent people who are in no way participating in the war.

These bombers turn thousand of women into widows and million of children into orphans. Death takes innocents people unawares and they, along with their properties, are exterminated for no fault of theirs. Since the world war II, more destructive bombers have been developed. They approach cities stealthily, undetected by radars and destroy them unawares.

Science has since developed more horrible weapons. Rockets, missiles, cluster bombs, napalm bombs arid bombs with high explosive have since been made which have the power to penetrate very thick concrete roofs and floors and cause havoc. Missiles that can be fired from under deep water, missiles that can carry warheads to thousand of miles and missiles that find out their targets automatically are now in use. These missiles can also deliver nuclear war heads and destroy cities within the twinkling of an eye.

Science has helped some nations to prepare for gas warfare and germ warfare. Poisonous gases have been developed and stored to be used against enemies. Some of these gases attack nervous system, respiratory system or muscular system and bring about instant death or permanent disability. Americans used a gas against Vietcong that destroyed trees, plants and crops and charred green jungles within days leaving no animal alive.

Some nations are prepared for germ warfare. They have such bacteria’s, viruses and micro-organisms in stock that will attack living things in the area where they will be delivered by means of special devices. These micro-organisms are aimed to kill the innocent people and wipe off populations.

Nuclear energy was used against Japan in the Second World War by Americans. The atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki exterminated them totally and a few that survived succumbed to carcinoma of various organs.

The atomic bomb then exploded made the water of the river and tanks boil corpses flew about like missiles and some of the houses situated at a distance of 100 miles away even were demolished by the shock. Since then more horrible bombs have been developed.(9essay.com) It is said that a single hydrogen bomb or a neutron bombs will perhaps wipe off life from the surface of the earth.

Some stone hearted, selfish and satanic nations are busy in performing nuclear tests in regions far away from their own countries. The fall out from these detonations contaminates water, soil and vegetation and brings death to the innocent residents of the regions. These selfish nations heed to no protest and are never ashamed of their hideous actions.

To be short and sharp the horrors of science have canopied the entire world and life on this earth is in the danger of extermination. Science has destined man to die on account of his own inventions. What a pity.

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